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Statutory Childminders Notification - When, Why and How

Are all childminders obliged to notify the HSE?

No, not all childminders are expected to notify the HSE of their services. However, there are certain groups of childminders who are legally obliged to notify the HSE of their services. While some childminders are exempt from notifying the HSE, it may be in their interest to do so.

When is notification compulsory?

Under section 58 of the Child Care Act 1991, any one person minding four or more pre-school children from different families is obliged to notify the HSE of their services.

A ‘preschool’ child is defined by the HSE as a child under the age of six, who does not attend a national school or a school providing education similar to a national school.

Under the Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006, a childminder should not look after any more than five preschool children, including their own pre-school children. As well as this, no more than two children should be less than 15 months old.

Under what circumstances is a childminder not obliged to notify the HSE?

Childminders are not obliged to notify the HSE if:

  • You are minding children under six, who attend school.
  • You mind three children from different families
  • All preschool children come from the same family or are related to you

How do I notify the HSE?

Childminders should contact the local HSE Preschool Office in order to get a notification form. The form must be completed and returned with all the necessary information filled in. As a statutorily notified childminder, you will be inspected by the local HSE preschool officer to ensure your services are of a high enough standard.

If a childminder is voluntarily notifying the HSE, a voluntary notification pack should be obtained from the local Childminder Advisory Officer (CMAO). Within this will be a voluntary notification form and a self-evaluation form. Once completed and returned, the CMAO will contact the childminder to arrange a date for review of their services.

Why would a childminder voluntarily notify the HSE?

Childminders who are not obliged to notify the HSE, but do so anyway, can avail of a wide range of services and supports available in Ireland:

    • Capital grants are available to childminders who register with the HSE
    • Conferences, seminars and other events are organised by County Childcare Committees (CCCs) for registered childminders
    • Childminders who have notified the HSE will have the option to put their names on a public list supplied to parents who may wish to avail of their services
    • Guidance on development of policies and standards in childcare will be made available to childminders who have notified the HSE
    • Training, networking and other great opportunities will be made available through the HSE, CCCs and CMAOs.

If you are unsure as to whether you are obliged to notify the HSE of your childminding services or not, contact your local CCC or CMAO.

Download the national guidelines here

Download Childcare committee contact details here
EECU CCC Contact Details.pdf



(07-02-2016 16:41)

Hi there am new in Ireland looking to work as a child minder I have a three bedroom house and would like to have two kids to look after please let me know of any interests.i live in tralee.thank you.


(29-04-2015 17:54)

just checking do I need a separate room for nappy changing in my home as I have a bathroom for the kids but its very small, can I do nappy changing in the playroom in the corner


(29-04-2015 19:27)

Mags3 send an email to tusla, the preschool officer will contact you and are very helpful ...theyve info pack they will send to you with all of luck if you expand...


(05/03/2017 22:37)

Hello I'm going to be registered childminder and for my business plan I need feasibility study. Could anybody help me what does mean? What to write about?


(07/03/2017 16:48)

Is it a Tusla Registered childminder you mean? Who is the feasibility study for, purpose of it. Google business plan, loads templates will pop up.


(07/03/2017 21:56)

I mean registered for childcare commitment not Tusla. I saw few business plans, but I still don't get it what I have to write for feasibility study. Is it part of business plan.....


(07/03/2017 22:35)

Your childcare committee will have all the forms required. You just sign them at your house if they are happy and they will place you as notified. Have you sorted insurances and revenue?

Who is asking for a feasibility study or indeed a business plan, never heard any CCC needing it. A feasibility study to me is judging and planning how well your business is likely to succeed etc. Google it.

Are you planning borrow money to open perhaps? I'd start off with what you have as the affordable childcare scheme is coming in in September and to invest any amount money at this stage could be risky depending on your location, rates in your area, demand needed by families and supply of creche places etc.


(08/03/2017 09:02)

Thank you. Yes I'm going to have like enterprise allowance, that's why they need business plan......I have insurance and now I'm working on revenue. Do you know tell me how is better to register? Online by form Tr1 or just my account.?


(08/03/2017 19:23)

In that case I'd contact any notified/registered childminder in your area and discuss your plans with them and ask how they see it based on your area. If you currently rely on state help to pay bills (i dont know who in them offices are pushing childminding as a money making business but they are very misinfomed, I recently seen a childminder planning/forecasting 600 a week earning, I'd be a physical wreak if I childminded single handed to earn 600 a week) then I'm afraid childminding professionally is very risky. The only notified childminder near enough to me closed last June after two years. As I said the new scheme of universal payment and subsidised childcare will change the whole market. I do believe there will still be a huge demand for the small legit childminder but the question is whether it will be worth being open as majority see the long term families will no longer be as is in three or four years once the scheme is well established. A good quality childminder has the same families for years unless the need for care changes. The government current focus is on large childcare centres and developing in national school grounds. However nothing ventured, nothing gained, it could be best thing you ever revenue I just rang them and they sent me the form and then online after that.


(05/01/2020 22:47)

Hi, l currently mind a one year old term time only and don't charge for any holidays or a summer retainer.This is my choice as l like having time with my own children.I do charge full weeks during term time this was in my contract the child has been with me since sep.The mother told me at Christmas she is due 2nd baby in May and said we will discuss maternity ect closer to the time.I am estimating she will not go back to work until Feb 2021 which is 5 months during term time.what is a reasonable solution to be honest l can't see her wanting to send the child to me while she is off but l can't be without a wage for 5/6 months, down through my years of childminder all my mindees ca

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