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Summer BBQs with the kids

Who doesn't enjoy a BBQ in the garden? Many would argue that there is nothing nicer than a chilled drink and tasty barbecue on a warm sunny day but struggle to come up with child friendly foods that the whole family can enjoy.

Whether you're planning on having a chilled family dinner, or inviting your neighbours and friends around for a bigger affair, we’ve got you and your barbecue covered!

Ideas for your barbeque

  • Kids may have big eyes, but most of them have little appetites. Make bite sized burgers for the little ones. They will be easier for them to hold resulting in less mess to tidy later.

  • Set up a baked potato bar. Not only are baked potatoes a healthy alternative to chips, kids will love filling their baked potatoes with the toppings you have on offer. Grated cheese, cherry tomatoes and even chicken work great on top.

  • Have a barbecue with a difference - some kids love eating fish and fish can be easily cooked on the barbecue. Simply wrap the full fish in foil, cut deep slashes into each side and stuff with lemon and herbs. Cooking fish in this way will prevent breakage and also create lots of tasty juices for fish lovers to enjoy.

    Kids love a bit of novelty - bring joy to their eyes (and their taste buds) by putting together little skewers of meat pieces and mixed veg. This way, if they only eat one thing at the meal they will still be getting lots of varied nutrients into their systems - success!

  • Create a camping vibe by popping some marshmallows onto the barbecue. Kids will love dipping marshmallow skewers into chocolate or eating them with mixed fruits and berries.

  • If you’re having a mid day barbecue, make sure there are plenty of drinks on offer to keep the kids well hydrated. For a party vibe, whip up some non alcoholic cocktails and let the kids join in on the fun.

Barbecues are great ways to get friends and family together for some fun and chat in the sun. Clean up time tends to be reduced as barbecues are a garden event, with much less cooking going on in the kitchen, making them a great summer alternative.

So roll out that barbecue and make the most of the summer sun by planning your next big get together or quiet, no fuss family dinner.