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Our Guide to

Enjoying Christmas

with the Kids

Christmas with the kids is an exciting, magical, heartwarming event for families all over Ireland. It begins when you watch their little faces light-up on Christmas morning while they unwrap their presents from Santa and look at you with that unconditional love and appreciation as you all rejoice, sing songs and give thanks to how perfect your lives are.

However, for most of us, Christmas morning generally kicks-off at the darkest hour, 5am, with an alarm clock of screams and the deafening drum of three foot monsters throwing themselves down the stairs, tearing presents apart under a shaky sagging dead pine tree, and squabbling over who’s got the best/latest/loudest toy. By 11am, most parents have forgotten what year it is and are ready to go back to bed or hit the brandy.

Surviving Christmas with small kids, family or just with each other is a challenge especially when kids are out of their routines, adults are drinking/eating too much and families are forced together in a bid to be merry under the mistletoe. Here at we know first-hand the difficulties in surviving the longest/happiest day of the year, so read our guide on getting through the day, all while keeping your sanity:

Drink Moderately

Christmas morning will go much smoother without the hangover but if it is unavoidable, make sure you eat a good breakfast and avoid the Baileys until later in the day.

Avoid Accidents

With the floor covered in wrapping paper and toys, accidents can happen easily. Clean up as much as you can to avoid potential hazards.

Christmas Candles

If you have candles lit or have the fire roaring, be aware of the potential dangers. Wrapping paper is extremely flammable so make sure you keep a keen eye on the kids and any open flames.


Remember to have plenty of batteries on hand to avoid any tears or whining on Christmas morning. Also remember if you have bought your kids any phones or laptops that they are charged and properly set up for the day.

Let Old Grudges Lie

Let go of any stress-related fueds you have going on with other members of the family. Christmas is a joyous occasion so set aside the argument for now and resolve it at a more appropriate time. The best gift you can give your family is peace!

Loosen the Grip

The kids are giddy and full of energy around Christmas. When visiting relatives or friends, try not to force them to behave like statues. Let them run and play.

Watch the Sugar

Possibly the hardest thing to do but try to limit the amount of chocolate and sweets the kids eat. They will have a complete sugar crash eventually and you will be left to deal with the aftermath.

Teenage Angst

Don't insist on your teen wearing embarrassing Christmas jumpers or those gawdy reindeer antlers. They're embarrassed enough to be spending time with their family!

Board Games

If you do want to have some family time that does not involve sitting in front of the telly, whip out the fun board games and infect the kids with your own enthusiasm and competitiveness. Its a sure fire way to get the family together for fun.

Don't Force It

No Christmas Day is perfect. As much as we would all like a professional spread of food, perfectly behaved children and elves sprinkling fairy dust all over the place, this rarely happens for any family. Make the most of situations. After all, your Christmas Day is unique to you so that makes it perfect in its own way!