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Swine Flu Survey Results

Survey Results to 11th November (650 responses)

When the swine flu vaccine becomes available will you
immediately seek the vaccination for all your children
seek the vaccination only for a child/children with an underlying medical condition
not seek the vaccination for your children due to concerns about whether the vaccine will be safe
not avail of the vaccine because you feel the flu risk is a low threat and vaccination is not necessary

Survey Results below responses to 29th August 2009 (540 responses)

Do you think the Department of Education should keep primary and secondary schools closed at the beginning of the school year to prevent the spread of swine fluYesNo

When schools/colleges re-open in September will you
send all your children back to school/college as normal
send your children but withhold a child (children) with an underlying medical condition
not send any of your kids back to school because you are concerned about the spread of swine flu

Read Press Release on Swine Flu Survey results to18th August 2009 are keeping the survey open online to monitor if the opinions of parents change as the beginning of the school year comes closer. Updated results will be published on their website.

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