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Course Ref: SD0120
Teacher Communications:
Building the School Community Dialog

1st July – 21st August
20 hours


Would you like practical techniques to foster positive professional relationships?

Are you a young teacher wanting to start out on the right footing with everyone in your school community?

Are you in school management and need to address communication in your SSE? Then this is the course for you.

This course is of relevance to all members of the school community, parents, SNAs and Boards of Management, as well as teachers.  Although some of this course is targeted at the primary school environment, there are many useful tips and resources of equal relevance to all school levels

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to develop positive teacher relationships within the school community in order to inform your practice in teaching the pupils in your care. It explores:

  • the school community structures and supports available to the teacher
  • professional communication skills and techniques
  • practical examples and templates to facilitate positive relationships
  • Communications to support children with special needs
  • Advice on incorporating positive school community communications within school development plans as part of the SSE process
  • Enhancing learning outcomes of pupils through the development of wider school community links
  • IT resources and skills to facilitate school community communications

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course you will have gained:
  • In-depth communication techniques to support professional conversations, and in this way facilitate positive relationships in the school community.
  • Understanding of the supports for schools in creating positive learning outcomes for the pupils in your care.
  • The opportunity to interact with other teachers on the course topics and create practical samples for school use while also reflecting on your learning.

Course Modules

Module 1:
1.1 Introduction to the course
1.2 Understand the school Community
1.3 Understand key teacher relationships

Module 2:
2.1 Develop Communication Techniques
2.2 Understand Communication Methods

Module 3:
3.1 Explore professional communications and School Self- Evaluation.
3.2 Explore teacher self-development and wellbeing techniques

Module 4:
4.1 Start out on the right note – first communication techniques
4.2 Build the school/home/ community relationship
4.3 Structure the Parent Teacher Meeting

Module 5:
5.1 Best practice for starting with your pupil with Special Needs
5.2 Explore communications relating to SEN

Enrol Now

This course has been approved by the Department of Education & Skills as part of the 2020 Courses programme and will be available to access from 1st July to 21st August 2020 On completion of the course you will receive a CPD Certificate and will qualify for 3 EPV Days. Register your interest on the course if you would like to be advised when the course becomes available for registration.

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