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The Dublin School Summer Camps

25/06/18 - 10/08/18

10 - 16 yrs


Full day

Language skills are the keys to mobility for your children’s future. The ability to converse, study or work through another language is more important than ever and giving your child a head start in these skills is a significant and permanent benefit. During the summer we operate out of St Andrew’s College in Booterstown. For 2018 we cater for French, German, English and Spanish

These are not dull sessions in grammar and vocabulary! In our school, the same techniques and methods that work so successfully on English language students are used with Irish students to enable them to make rapid progress. Classes conducted by native speakers using only the target language are fun and engaging. We aim to get students talking – to each other, in groups, individually or with the teacher!

Language classes take place in the morning (15 hours per week, 0930 to 12:30) and in the afternoon all students, regardless of what language they are studying, take part in a social / activity programme where they mix with other language students from all over the world.

This enables them to learn about other cultures, make new friends and practise their language skills with their peers.


St Andrew's Booterstown