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The importance of Labelling

This year’s back to school may be the cause of some concern for parents. With the social distancing and sanitising measures you may be experiencing at work and generally everywhere, you may wonder how this will translate into schools. How many of these measures will they realistically be able to implement - will children respect social distancing? Will they bother sanitising when you know at times you struggle to make them wash their hands?

While some parents may feel that their child is able to respect the restrictions some may be more sceptical. What we can all agree on is that going back to school this year will most certainly be a different experience from years gone by. Perhaps you will see yourself considering things you normally would not. Now more than ever, we have become increasingly aware of how quickly and easily germs can spread. So much so that it may already seem like a lost battle. This, however, does not stop us from trying to do everything in our power to keep our little ones safe.

Stationery items children bring to school: pens, colouring pencils, rulers, calculators are amongst the most commonly shared items between children. But sharing is no longer caring, now it means circulating more germs. Using a name label can be a small, simple way of preventing this. Labelling your children’s things has always been useful to help reduce lost property, but now using name tags can help in another, more important way. Being easily able to identify one’s items will encourage children to keep to their own things and help reduce the spread of germs. They can be fun and colourful while also helping your children be safe.

This pandemic has brought with it a new perspective on things, it has made us aware of the places we really cannot go without visiting, the people we really need around us. Shown us how nice slowing down can be and how resourceful we are coming up with alternatives to make sure we can continue. Chances are that as a parent, you cannot wait for your children to go back to school but we cannot forget that we still need to be prudent and do the best we can to care for our parents, siblings, children, friends, neighbours and everyone around us.

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