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Why personalised name labels are a school and nursery must-have

Did you know that the average child permanently loses nine items per school year? If we think about 10 million school-aged children, this adds up to an eye-watering 90 million lost items every single year. Parents are having to buy replacement items for things they have already bought once! Having to re-buy these items is not only a financial worry but also has a negative environmental impact. If you are one of these parents you will certainly want to read on. We are exploring the reasons why personalised labels are a must-have for school.


Children are prone to losing their possessions. Coats, hats and even their favourite teddy can sometimes end up lost, never to be recovered again. Lost property is and always has been a big issue in schools and nurseries but what if those lost items were returned to the children? On average parents spend £2000 replacing items that are lost throughout a child’s life at school. That’s a huge expense on top of the existing school costs! A personalised name label will help ensure the children’s possessions return home. Our labels have room for three lines of text so a child’s name, class, parents phone number or name of the school can all be added to the name tag, greatly increasing the chances of that item being returned to its owner.


In the last two years we have become increasingly aware of how easily germs spread from one item to the next. When we think of everything a child touches at school, we can only imagine the amount of germs that are passed from one child to another. Labels help children, parents and teachers distinguish what is theirs from what belongs to another child. Adding a fun and colourful name tag to all your child’s school supplies means that they will easily be able to identify their own things, and hopefully help them not touch things that are not theirs. And for an extra feeling of safety My Nametags our colour stickers are tested to be antibacterial by the Industrial Microbiological Services and have been awarded a certificate under ISO 22196 (Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces).


Think about where all the items your child has lost end up, the extra resources used to produce the items you have had to re-buy for the second or third time. The quality of the item you buy for your child may also suffer. If you know your child is prone to losing things you are more likely to opt for an item made of plastic or paper instead of a more expensive, more durable environmentally friendly material.

The items that are left unclaimed in a school’s lost property pile often end up in landfills which we know has a severe impact on the environment over time. You can help reduce the amount of lost property going to waste by adding a personalised name label to your child’s possessions ensuring that it does not get lost and that if lost it is returned.

Children can design their own!

Labels are fun and quick to design, your child will love doing it! Children have the freedom to design a label that is unique to them. We are proud to have thousands of design combinations to choose from with all kinds of icons from unicorns and cupcakes to tractors and footballs, as well as different backgrounds, fonts and font colours - the choice is endless!

To design your own personalised labels for your child for school, visit our website.

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