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Kid's Birthday Parties during Covid

We here at PartyKidz Productions know there are so many kids whose birthdays are happening during this Covid Period and are missing out on their much looked-forward to birthday party celebrations with their friends. As we've become accustomed to chatting with friends and family using video chats, we decided to put our thinking caps on to pull together some ideas for an exciting Zoom Birthday Party for your child to enjoy WITH their friends.

Your Invites

Set up a party Group on WhatsApp for your Guests, and send out a Party Invite. (Ideally around 15 kids given online noise levels). Set a Start and Finish time. For a Zoom call, 1-1.5 hours is ideal. Once your guests have confirmed, ensure all parents have Zoom installed, Gather their emails so you can send them the Zoom Party Invite Link to join the Party! Makes sure that if you want the kids to prepare jokes or Arts & Crafts that you let the parents know! Also consider before the party starts what background you want to have on your home screen. There are plenty of free virtual zoom background images available including on Canva's Zoom Background Templates

Informing Parents

Send a list of the activities you plan to do, so the parents, AS WELL AS THE KIDS, can

Ask the Guests to dress in their best party Outfits and to have a bun & a candle ready! Open your Zoom Party Screen 5 minutes before the start time so everyone is set up & READY TO PARTY!

Starting the Party

Tell the kids you are going to should HIP HIP and they have to shout back as loud as possible HOORAY! Each child also prepares a knock-knock joke. Starting with the Birthday Child, the kids take turns to make the rest of their friends laugh!

After that it's time for show and tell Birthday style! Each child has been asked to Make 'n' Do a craft/ drawing for the party child - they take turns explaining what it is & why they made it!

Below you'll find a list of games and activities that will bring fun and excitement to your child's party, even when the kids aren't physically present.

Kool Quiz

Design questions on the music, TV, Sports and books your kid enjoys - Call them out... but who can write these down the fastest! Remind them, no shouting answers out!

2 Truths and a lie

Taking turns each kid says 2 things about them that are true and 1 that;s a lie,. Can the others guess the lie in 30 seconds?!

Toilet Roll Challenge

Using a toilet roll who can do the most 'keepy-uppies' in 30 seconds? Have the kids use one hand and everyone bounce at the same time.

Lego or Play Doh Challenge

Describe a character, a building or an animal the kids must make in 60 seconds... & then Show and Tell!

Kids Bingo!

Use PartyKidz bingo cards available on our FB page! Cut out the caller card and pull numbers out of a jar while the kids cross them off their card - 1st line or Diagonal wins

I Spy!

The Kids "I-Spy" something that can be seen on screen in their home!

Bus Stop!

Each kid calls out the letters of the alphabet, the birthday child says STOP & the letter they land on they think of a Boys & Girls Name, an Animal, TV & Book with that letter!


Each child takes a turn to draw an object or favourtie food... Without using letters or words can their friends guess what it is in 60 seconds?

Kids Charades

The kids ACT OUT and object, action or Animal - can the other kids guess what they're acting out?

It's Disco Time!

No party is complete without some dance time! To make it fun for all, pick the kids favourite chart tracks for a Floss off!

And Finally...

Sing Happy Birthday!!!

Now it's time for each guest to grab their bun with a candle & get ready to sing happy Birthday at the end of the party! Now they can ALL help their friend to blow out their Birthday candles!

If you have any questions or need some help, just let us know!