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Working as a Nanny in Ireland

If you are thinking of becoming a nanny .i.e minding other people’s children in their home, you should be aware of your rights and the employment regulations surrounding this service. There are guidelines available through nanny agencies and through online forums that will give ideas on hourly charges and rates and expectations within the service. For latest rates of pay please read our online forums here.

Nannies can expect to live-in or out of the home of the children they are employed to care for. Their primary duty is the care and well-being of a child, and part of their role is to stimulate and encourage the child’s physical and psychological development. Other duties may include preparation of meals, laundry taking children to school, pick-up etc.

Employment Rights

The family that employ the nanny is responsible for ensuring that all PRSI/PAYE obligations are adhered to. The family must register as an employer with the Revenue. When employed, the nanny is an employee of the employer /family, and is entitled to the Irish employment rights as any other worker.

Expectations of Parents

When choosing a nanny, most parents in Ireland now expect a nanny to be at least 20 years old, have some sort of child-care qualification, first-aid qualification, and prior experience and references before they will be employed. Other documents such as a driving license, Passport/ID is expected. Like childminders, nannies should expect to have a drawn-up contract outlining fees, working hours and duties before commencement. .

Nanny Agencies

Lots of agencies offer nanny services in Ireland. These agencies usually work off reputation and have an expected standard of qualifications and experience from their nannies. Remember, as with working as a childminder, it is important you outline exactly what your duties and fees are through the agency before commencement to avoid problems that come up later on.

Questions to ask when Choosing a Nanny
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(04-01-2016 18:10)

Assuming your nanny knows your intentions, contact revenue, theyv very helpful and friendly, contact your house insurance re having a domestic servant and finally if using a car transporting your kids, you or hers insurance company. Some nannies like to have Nanny Insurance, see Childminding Ireland for info. Best of luck.


(04-01-2016 16:30)

Hi guys,
We've just found a nanny that we're happy with.
What's my next step please as in tax etc, what do I need to do? Where do I start?
Any help greatly appreciated.


(10-09-2016 20:04)

Hi I am looking for 2 children to be minded the hrs would Thursday 3:30 to 9:30 Friday 3:30 - 9:30 and Saturday 10-6:30 every week I was wondering would you be interested in those type of hours.

Nanny And Cleaner

(10-09-2016 10:10)

Are you in need of Nanny or cleaner? or are you a nanny or cleaner looking for a job kindly message us now and get connected to a nanny or a cleaner now, our company connect you instantly within 48hr email us:


(11-08-2016 19:54)

Hi i have been asked to mind 2 kids in there home 4year old and 8 year old.
School pick ups ar 1.30 and 2.30 i have been asked to mind them untill 6pm each day.
Also i am bringing my 8month old baby with me.
How much should i charge?


(12-08-2016 05:41)

Mim, as above your family need register as your employer. Minimum wage at least. Make sure you get a contract. Ask them sort your car insurance if car needed. It's makes no difference that youv your baby, majority would see it as beneficial their older kids getting experience of a baby.


(24/01/2018 09:52)

Hi there, can someone give guidance on what the maximum working hours for a nanny are in ireland? In the U.K. There are exemptions which help working parents but I've not seen any for ireland. Any help much appreciated, John


(28/01/2018 14:02)

John, Ring revenue is the best a nanny is covered by employment law there is rules re breaks so this would impact on length of nannys working period. You'll need research these yourself.

Jenny Diamond

(28/02/2019 12:20)

I know this is an old thread but if anyone wants any help or advice on paying or employing a nanny please give Nanny Payroll a call or visit We offer a full nanny payroll service for families who employ a nanny.


(25/08/2021 23:26)

My previous employer in Singapore went back to ireland is posible for them to rehired me to ireland? Thank you.

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