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Whizzkids Summer Camps

WhizzKids has been leading the way for Summer Camps over almost 20 years, with Ireland’s most popular Tech Camps, so it comes as no surprise that they have pulled out all the stops to ensure that they will continue to offer fantastic options again this Summer, despite the Covid19 restrictions. They have developed a new Digital Skills Virtual Classroom, which offer access to almost 20 different courses, all led by real teachers, who have been transformed into their ‘avatars’ in order to provide a thoroughly engaging­­ platform for children. Packed with hundreds of lessons, videos, quizzes, and challenges along with a sophisticated incentive scheme of points, badges, levels, and a sense of mission for learners, WhizzKids Online uses gamification to teach these skills in a ground-breaking method, anytime, anywhere.

Option A - Virtual Camps
Virtual Summer Camps will run Monday – Friday and include a one-hour live lesson each day, plus full access to the WhizzKids Online Academy, where the children can complete additional ‘Avatar’ led lessons, quizzes & challenges.There will be three different Virtual Camp options to start with, but additional options may be added over the coming weeks. The options availableat present are:

*       Introduction to Coding with Scratch Programming
*       3D Game Development
*       Web Design with HTML/CSS Coding

Children booking into a Virtual Camp will have access to ALL courses on the Online Academy, not just the module that their virtual camp focusses on.Students will have access to the platform for one week from Sunday, the day before classes begin, to the following Sunday, allowing the children extra time to finish off courses, or to explore additional content. Virtual Camps cost just €50 for the week and will be limited to 12 children per session, so book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Option B – Online Academy
Annual membership to the WhizzKids Online Academy offers children the opportunity to work their way through almost 20 different courses from Animation to Web Design, Game Development to Machine Programming, etc. The lessons are all ‘Avatar’ led and can be accessed anytime, anywhere as long as they have internet access. Online Academy Membership will be priced at €80 for the year, which works out at less than 22 cents per day!