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Piano Classes around Ireland

Dun Laoghaire School of Music
Dun Laoghaire School of Music provide quality music tuition in most instruments and theory, Leaving and Junior Cert Music. The instruments taught include: Piano, Keyboard, Voice, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Drums, Flute, Saxophone, Recorder, Clarinet. All styles of music are taught to students of all ages. READ MORE
Group Piano Keyboard Lessons
Group Piano Keyboard Classes - Classes brought directly to Primary & Secondary schools and ZUMBA® Kids & Junior Classes: • Brought directly to your school by licensed Zumba Instructors.    READ MORE
Waltons New School <span style='text-transform:lowercase;'>of</span> Music
Founded 1994, Waltons New School of music is a comprehensive music centre in the heart of Dublin. We combine music tuition of the highest standard with innovative approaches to music education. The New School’s expert teaching staff offer tuition for all ages and skill levels (from absolute beginner to advanced) in the broadest range of instruments, genres and subjects of any school in Ireland. READ MORE.
Mezzo Music Academy
Mezzo Music Academy is an award winning Music School on Greenlea Road, Terenure. We provide private and group tuition in a variety of instruments and musical genres, with emphasis on enjoyment, so our students will always have a love for their instrument throughout their lives. READ MORE.
Piano Academy of Ireland
Proven to increase IQ and concentration levels in children, Ireland’s award winning Academy of Piano offers tuition for all ages, levels and abilities from 3 to 103 years, classical and jazz styles. READ MORE.

Are you looking to sign your child up for music lessons? Have you though about what instrument would be a good introduction to music for your child? Piano and guitar are the most popular form of instrument for beginners, however, there are is a huge range of musical instruments that kids or teens can learn quite easily with the help of a music tutor, by taking weekly music lessons or through attending a music academy after school.

Below is a list of instruments with difficulty meters and general information for you to consider before you commit your child to learning a particular musical instrument.

Piano Lessons for Kids and Teens

Most kids will be ready begin piano lessons from age 5 1/2 +, or from whenever your child shows a keen interest in playing the piano which can be as young as 3! Make sure your child's hand is big enough to comfortably stretch across five keys on the piano. Kids who learn the piano at a young age will soon develop the neccesary understanding of basic music concepts which will make the transition to other musical instruments much easier!

Studying music develops discipline, hand-eye coordination, intelligence, and creates a skill that can bring happiness to both the performer and to all who listen. According to a recent article in the LA Times, 6-year-olds who received keyboard instruction had more brain growth and better fine motor skills than their peers. Piano lessons are such a great thing, why not get started as soon as possible?
Source: Hoffman Academy