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Artzone School Collaboration Programme

The new Primary Schools Art Curriculum recognised the importance of strong art and crafts education, and set new higher standards. Since then many schools and organisations have collaborated with Artzone Qualified Art Teachers. We have helped develop the level of Art & Crafts teaching skills and confidence within many organisations. No two situations are the same. Artzone have worked in many different ways with Primary Schools and Childcare organisations to deliver short and long term art programmes.

  • Primary Teacher In-service Training
  • Teacher Mentoring (Arts & Crafts)
  • In-school Art Days
  • After School Art Classes
  • Art Teacher in Residence Service

Primary Teacher Training Programme
Artzone teachers have studied the Primary school Art Curriculum. The curriculum sets high standards of tuition across a range of Art and craft subjects. To support teachers, and build their confidence Artzone have developed a flexible, pragmatic 6 module training programme:-

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • 3D Construction
  • Clay Work
  • Fabric & Fibre
  • PrintEach module is standalone so a school does not need to take on the full six modules in one go. The modules cater for three levels of complexity based on student age groups (Junior/Senior Infants; First to Third Class; and Fourth to Sixth Class). The programme includes a series of hands-on teacher training workshops. Each teacher learns the subject theory while developing their own physical teaching aids, with guidance from experienced Art Teachers. We leave them with an Artzone step-by-step Handbook. Feedback from Teachers and Principals has been fantastic.

Teacher Mentoring (Arts & Crafts)
After the teachers have completed a module of the Artzone programme an Artzone teacher mentor is available to support them the first time they teach their new activity in a classroom environment. Artzone teachers will review any project output and provide feedback to teachers and students.

In-school Art Days
With the growing risks and costs associated with day trips to art galleries or art camps, Artzone are increasingly being asked to run in-school Art Days (Artathon). This consists of 4-6 Artzone Teachers, working in pairs, (with/ without school teachers) working on a series of two hour Art Projects for a class or groups of classes. Our Art themed projects include:-

  • Halloween.
  • Christmas.
  • Valentine’s.
  • St Patrick’s Day.
  • Easter … and more.

Primary Schools Art Programme

Artzone Services for Primary and Secondary Schools include:
  • Art Fun-day Workshops
  • Artist in Residence Programmes
  • In-service Teacher Training Workshops
  • After School Art Classes
  • Teacher Resource Packs
  • Complete Classroom Packs with Guide plus all Equipment

If you are looking for something special, cool and creative for your pupils this year, join the growing number of Primary Schools that have worked with Artzone qualified Art Teachers to enhance the range of art education in their schools with art fundays, art teacher in residence projects, art festivals or an extra curricular class programme.
Artzone will come to your school with an inspiring and creative art and crafts programme. We offer a wide range of fun activities for children of all ages, over 2 hours, full day or tow to ten weeks of workshops.

Artzone work with a growing number of Primary Schools to delivery special art workshops, projects, training and mentoring that enhances the art activities available within the school.
Call us for a specific proposal to match your needs.  We have a large team of highly qualified Art Teachers, specialists in their fields.  No event is too small or too large.

For full info:
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