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Bag2School is a free and contactless solution to fundraising. It encourages pupils, staff and parents to participate and has been received widely as a very simple, effective way of fundraising without asking for money.

It has the added benefit of helping the environment by keeping clothes away from landfill. The majority of clothes are shipped to wholesalers in Eastern Europe, Africa & Asia, hence providing an affordable source of clothing for developing countries.

The Bag2School system has been in operation since 2001. We operate no minimum weight charges and pay the best market price available across the board, no matter how much or how little you collect. Our current price is 40c per kg with an additional 10% paid on top of that to the LauraLynn House. You also have the option of having the full amount paid directly to your school.

How to Fundraise

Simply call or email our office to book an agreed date. Your Bag2School package of bags and promotional material will be prepared and dispatched by courier. Simply advertise the collection within the school and within the community if you wish (via B2S posters, B2S letter, web-text, social media, school website, community notes, posters in shops etc) and remind parents of the collection date (by web text). If your school has no storage simply ask for 1st collection of the day.

If you do have storage it would be advisable to collect over a couple of days (or as long as you wish). We will then contact you again a couple of days before your collection and give you an exact time of arrival. We weigh all bags on site and issue you with a receipt. Payment will be paid on the day for all online payments. Cheques will be processed the following week. Your school name will also be listed in participating schools helping The LauraLynn House! Don’t forget to ask family, friends and neighbours to have a clear out too!

What we accept

- Adult’s & children’s clothes and shoes
- Handbags
- Belts
- Soft toys

What we don’t accept

- End of Life clothing
- Duvets
- Pillows
- Towels
- Cushions

What we accept / don’t accept can also be found printed on our bags, posters & our template letter.


Bag2School are established as a fundraising partner for The LauraLynn House. As a bonus we will donate an additional 10% to The LauraLynn House on top of what we pay your school.

To date Bag2School, along with help of all the schools that have participated so far, have donated nearly €60,000 to The LauraLynn House.

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tel: 074-9373330