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Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween costumes are so fun and dynamic, its no wonder kids just love this time of year. Of course, the more original the costumes, the bigger the wow factor is. So if your child wants to stand out from the crowd at their school party or while doing the rounds Trick or Treating then have a look at these unique costumes you can make at home!

The "Its Raining Cats and Dogs Out There" Costume

This Raining Cats and Dogs Costume will serve as a great last minute costume idea and we think it looks amazing. All you need is a see-through umbrella, some black felt/construction paper, some thread and some glue.

Learn how to make this costume here. May we also suggest some battery operated fairy lights? It would look stunning weaved through the umbrella. Great costume to stay dry and visible.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Home-made Costume

This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume may be hard to say but it is easier to make!

All you need is a green onsie, some coloured felt and a disposal oval roasting pan to achieve this great look.

Get the tutorial on how to make this costume here.

Young Maleficent DIY Costume

The Maleficent movie was a huge hit this year and many kids may want to go as their favourite villain turned hero.

Check out this cool pre-evil Maleficant costume which not only looks stunning but is also a cinch to make at home.

Get the instructions here.

Lego Superheros/Avengers Costumes

Hit two birds with one stone by making these lego superhero costumes! All you need are some large cardboard boxes (which you can probably pick up for free off the local shop), cylindrical cardboard tube and some paint. Easy peasy.

Check out the step by step guide here.

Hot Air Balloon Pilot Costume

Definetly the most imaginative costume on our list; the Hot Air Balloon Pilot is sure to be the most unique costume at any kids party!

Creating this costume is much simpler than you would think. All you need is an old wicker basket (big enough to fit the child), some string and netting, four paper bags, shoulder straps and a large, helium filled balloon. You can be creative with the clothing!

Check out this tutorial.