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Best DIY Halloween Window Decorations

Halloween is the time of scary decorations and the spookiest effect is often achieved by some simple light and shadows done in the right way. Below, you will find some really easy hand-made decorations that the kids can make for your window this year. It's amazing what you can do with some cheap decorative supplies; some coloured tissue paper, black construction paper, tape and a bit of lighting created most of the looks below!

1) Monster Silhouettes

This house looks amazing! All you need to get this look is some black cardboard, scissors, coloured tissue paper and masking tape. You will get 10 out 10 on the scare scale with Trick or Treaters if you and the kids spend an afternoon making the cut outs, the rest is easy!

Find out how to make the monsters here and you can also see how it looks during the day!

2) Bat silhouettes

This is such an easy project to get stuck into with the kids! All you need is some balck paper, scissors and masking tape. From there, just have fun cutting out your bat shapes and sticking them up on the windows. Such a simple idea with such an eerie effect!

Check out this idea and many more here.

3) Spider Web

This is a great idea if your budget has already been stretched by costumes and sweets. All you need is some black wool and some patience. For a cheap and easy decoration, it sure does make the grade when it comes to Halloween.

Check out how you can this spider web effect here.

4) Hand Silhouettes

This one is super easy to do. get the kids to trace out their hands to their elbows on black paper and cut out. When you have enough, simply stick them up on the window for a sinister, haunted house look.

Get the look here.

5) Peek-a-Boo Eyes

Grab some black construction paper and some yellow tissue paper to create this cool and creepy eye decoration for your windows. Looks great during the day and looks even spookier at night!

Get the tutorial here.