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Best Christmas

Websites and Apps

for Kids

This site adds a special touch to your child's Christmas experience. Order a personalised letter for your child from Santa himself. Based on the information you supply, Santa will know all about your little one's favourite things, their friends, teachers and, of course, what they would like for Christmas. A nice touch for younger kids.

The is the website you can count on to get the kids out of your hair for a while. They can explore Santa's Secret Village, play fun games and read stories. The site is also great for teachers as it has a wealth of Christmas themed activities and educational games for young classes.

This site is just jam packed full of games, stories and little animations for kids to explore and discover. The shear amount of little details on this site will keep the kids entertained for hours.'s top attraction is its Naughty or Nice list, along with its sing-along songs which are scattered throughout the site

The Santa Spy Cam App

We love this app and we're sure the kids will love it too! You can create a believable video of elves sneaking around the house which will have the kids quietly and patiently trying to catch one of these magical "elf sightings" for themselves. Well. the quiet part might not last but nevertheless, they will be completely amazed!

PopOut! The Night Before Christmas

The classic Christmas tale has taken a modern twist through this highly anticipated interactive storybook. Watch the story come alive as your child explores each scene through touching and swiping certain objects to cause different actions and sounds. A great app which is well worth the price tag of €3.99.


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