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Carambola operate from our state-of-the-art, purpose-built production facility in Limerick. We produce approx. 37,000 healthy lunches every single day, by hand! We offer a full range of nutritious chilled lunches including salads, sandwiches, pastas, and wraps, served with a piece of fresh fruit and healthy snack items to each child. We also have a new range of hot school meals! We have been awarded the “Food Safety Assurance Distinction” award from the Food Safety Professionals Association of Ireland (in conjunction with FSAI) since 2016 and a member of EIQA for Hygiene since 2019. We are independently certified at the highest standard of Food Safety in Ireland and very proud of this status! We are also members of Guaranteed Irish and REPAK which helps to protect our planet while we provide safe, healthy food to your students.

Uniquely, Carambola offers an Allergy Protection Programme, which allows parents to assign an allergy to their child’s account. Once an allergy has been assigned, our system removes the ability to choose any item that may cause a problem for the child. We also then double-check, by hand, that no unsuitable item could be placed into the bag by mistake before the lunch is delivered.

Made fresh daily, by hand, our meals include:


A variety of high-fibre breads including Gluten Free, McCambridge Soda Bread, Irish Pride sliced pans (brown, white and “half’n’half”) and Sub Rolls


Our fillings are made from the highest quality produce available on the Irish Market, including 100% Irish chicken breast, hand-made mixes like tuna & sweetcorn, sugar-free fruit spread and fresh salads. We also offer Halal versions of our chicken dishes for those with Religious preferences. Our suppliers include Traditional Cheese Co, Glen Aine Ham, Pallas Foods, McCaughey’s Chicken & Turkey, Follain Irish Fruit Spread, & Cappercullen Foods.


As part of our Environmental Protection Policy, Carambola have launched a new drink dispenser project where we provide a reusable bottle to each student (free of charge) and install and maintain a Tipperary Water dispenser in the school. This can be in each classroom if desired, or in a central location if you prefer. We also have an exciting new Compostable Dispenser coming soon!

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables:

Carambola offers a variety of fresh fruit from Limerick Fruit, our local supplier. Each piece of fruit is checked by hand before entering the child’s lunch bag to ensure it is of the highest quality. We do not slice and bag most of our fruit because it introduces unnecessary packaging into the food chain and the environment, however we do have a small amount of bagged fruit available if the school wishes to avail of it. Our salads are hand-made by our staff and packaged in fully recyclable pots with a compostable fork.


All our food has been approved by an HSE Dietician and has been vetted against the Nutritional Guidelines for School Meals. Our snacks are all chosen for their nutritional content as well as their taste-appeal for children, including Good4U Fava Beans, Flahavan’s Oaty Bars, a bespoke sugar-free Muffin from Coolmore Foods, Carambola Corn Stick made from 100% Corn, Jacobs cream crackers with soft cheese triangles, wholemeal breadsticks from Italy and much more. We offer over 70 different combinations of snacks to be sure there is no boredom or waste!

Published Nutritional Information:

Nutrition is paramount at Carambola. Our food is designed to achieve the goals set out in the Nutritional Guidelines for School Meals by Healthy Ireland, while remaining palatable for young children. It is so important to get the balance right; providing food that is healthy but also encourages children to eat it. Our food has been chosen for its minimal salt, added sugar, additive or e-number content, while remaining tasty and wholesome. We also publish all our nutritional information to help parents to make an informed choice! Our nutritional information can be found on our website to all members of the public at

Hot Food:

Carambola was chosen by the Dept. to run the first Pilot Project for Hot School Meals in Ireland. We offer a unique hot meals package for schools that have been provided funding including an on-site cooking facility with staff and online ordering for students! Contact us for more information at

The School in control:

We understand that different schools have different needs. Having supplied lunches to primary schools, special needs schools, secondary schools, and canteens for over 17 years, we understand the need for the school to have as much control as possible over their food choices. That is why we allow each school to review our available menu and make certain items unavailable if they choose to! This means that no unapproved item will enter your school grounds, helping to keep control on the Healthy Eating Policy.

Budget Controls:

Carambola also offers online budget and account controls to all client schools. Please contact us for more information.