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Chemical & Allergen-Free Solution to Head Lice

Did you know that head lice can be spread when children are playing, taking selfies or hugging?

Contrary to popular belief, head lice cannot fly or jump. They spread through direct head-to-head contact.

Did you know?


The average number of eggs (commonly referred to as nits) a female louse can lay in one day.


The number of days after which a head lice treatment should be repeated to be effective.


% of head lice that are genetically resistant to the chemicals most frequently used to treat them.

5 Reasons why the V-Comb is the best solution against head lice

     Gets rid of head lice & eggs

The V-Comb removes adult lice, hard to see nymphs and eggs from the hair with the ease of combing.

    100% chemical & allergen-free

The V-Comb eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals to kill lice, which makes it safe and ideal to use on children.  

    Hygienic & mess free

Incorporating combing & vacuuming, the V-Comb extracts head lice & eggs from the hair into disposable Capture Filters to be removed & sealed for disposal after treatment .  

    Immediate visible results

The transparent LED lit Filter Compartment lets the user see lice and eggs that have been removed from the hair while they are using the V-Comb.  

     Detects & prevents infestations

Used regularly, the V-Comb will help detect head lice activity early so treatment can begin immediately to prevent a full-blown infestation.  

How does it work?

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Licetec V-Comb

is available in Boots, McCabe's, McCauley's and leading Irish pharmacies nationwide.

For more information visit Licetec V-Comb Facebook page