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Choosing a Nanny

Nannies are from 20yrs of age upwards. They will have completed a course in childcare and will have at least one years experience which they will have gained while studying for their qualification. Nannies work within your home and can either live in or live out. A live-in nanny needs a private room in your home so you need to be comfortable about the thought of another person living with your family. You must ensure you pay your nanny's tax and social insurance, otherwise you're legally liable.

What to check and how to prepare

To choose a nanny, most people go to specialist employment agencies or they advertise. Finding a nanny through personal recommendation is better, but not always possible. You should pursue whichever option you feel most comfortable with, but however you go about it, you will need to:

  • check out the agency, if you're using one

  • Always request an up to date Curriculum Vitae. If she has been working in childcare previously it will allow you make contact with previous employers, check out references etc. As you check a C.V. be aware of any gaps, for instance are there any long periods of not working. These may indicate an employment from which a reference is poor or not available.

  • interview several potential nannies. Prepare a list of questions to ask in advance and ask her how she would plan her day with the baby, what food she would prepare and how she would stimulate your baby.

  • interview the nanny you are thinking of employing at least twice. Make the second interview informal so that you get a good idea of what she's really like and if you are going to get on with each other.

  • check qualifications

  • check references

  • think about what you expect your nanny to do and discuss this at the interviews. Make sure her views on childcare are similar to your own.

  • discuss salary. You'll need to find out what the acceptable rate is locally.

  • draw up an employment contract that includes a summary of your nanny's duties and a trial/probationary period

Your nanny will be responsible for all aspects of childcare from shopping and preparing your child's meals to washing and ironing your child's clothes to playing with and stimulating your child, making him/her feel happy, secure and loved.