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Recipes for Communion & Confirmation catering at home

Before planning the celebration, it is a good idea to check with your parish if they hold a post service reception or light refreshments for the adults after Mass whilst the photos are taken – this could delay your plans! We suggest some fresh fruit drinks for the kids which drivers will also enjoy. You can choose from Kiwi Coolers, Strawberry Smoothies or make your own Home-Made Lemonade.

Alcoholic beverages for adults should be light and fruity and some popular day-time options are Kir Royale or Pimms and these are light in alcohol, and remember not all adults will want to drink alcohol.


We recommend keeping it simple and offering a variation of the same thing to both children and adults. Melon and Feta Cheese Salad served with olives and pumpkin seeds for the adults and simple Melon Wedges for the kids.

Main Course

Main Course can either be a hot dish or a cold platter of finger food. A recent favourite at Ballyknocken Cookery School is the Tagine of Chicken served with Jewelled Couscous. This is an easy and inexpensive dish which can be prepared prior to the event and with its sweet taste appeals to both children and adults alike.

If you decide to go for Finger Food Mushroom and Red Onion Tartlets are a winner with most adults and can be filled with Tomato, Bacon (or Ham) and Cheese for the kids. Accompanied by Mini Pizzas which appeal to all can also be a handy addition and again can be prepared in advance.

Accompanying Salads can include:

Mixed Herb and Salad with toasted mixed seeds
(seeds can include sesame, sunflower and pinenuts)
Garlic & Basil Tomato Salad
Carrot and Apple Waldorf


Of course the moment everyone will be waiting for is the dessert plate. To maintain simplicity, we recommend choosing one or two of the following; Chocolate Chip Meringues, Lemongrass Pannacotta or delicious Chocolate Pot. For an extra treat and novelty factor a Chocolate Fountain is always a winner with the kids but if you do not have access to a Chocolate Fountain Machine you can always prepare a Chocolate Fondue and for a twist why not add a little Chilli to your Chocolate to impress your guests. This should be served with a selection of fresh fruit, and of course marshmallows on the side.

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