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Easter Games with the kids

Egg Rolling

Mark a starting line and a finishing line. Contestants must roll their eggs from one line to the next using a spoon or similar object to push the eggs. If a player touches their egg or breaks their egg they are out of the race. The first person to get their egg across the finish line wins. For an added twist, roll the eggs down a hill!

Spoon Races

Designate a starting line and a finishing line. Every person gets an egg and a spoon (larger, soup spoons work best). All contestants line up on the starting line and put their eggs in their spoons. At the word go, everyone races to the finish line; the first person to cross wins. If your egg falls of your spoon, you must go back to the starting line and begin again. For a bit of variety, make this a relay race or make the contestants run an obstacle course! If you really want to get tricky, have the races hold the end of the spoon in their mouths.

Yard Bowling with Eggs

Place one egg in the center of a large circle. Have all players stand just outside the circle. Everyone should have one egg. Everyone takes turns rolling their egg towards the egg in the center of the circle. The object of the game is to get as close to the center egg as possible without touching it. If you touch the center egg, or break your egg, you are out!

Egg Hunt

Of course this is one of the more popular games played with Easter eggs. Very simple, one person hides the Easter eggs and the other people search for them. The only trick is for the person hiding the eggs to remember where they are, especially if you are using real eggs! Read our tips on organising an Easter Egg Hunt.