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Go beyond the stereotypes at EPIC
The Irish Emigration Museum

Hi-tech history that is truly inspiring

Imagine – a museum with no artefacts! Kids are learning differently these days and EPIC is truly a museum for the digital age. Our exciting and engaging approach, supported by the latest digital technology, makes it the perfect place for your school tour.

From guided tours to self-guided tours, to uniquely devised workshops – your class will get the chance to explore global Irish history and identity from many different angles – whether your students are interested in politics, science, art and design, fashion, engineering or sport, they’ll all find something they love and can relate to.

Take your class on a journey of discovery

EPIC is unlike any museum you’ve ever experienced before – it’s a fully interactive experience. You will uncover the dramatic and inspiring stories of the Irish people who travelled the world, reliving some of their greatest achievements in music, literature, sport, politics, fashion, science and more.

As well as offering engaging self-guided and interactive guided tours, our uniquely devised workshops, which are suitable for primary and secondary schools, place a focus on key skills such as teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Your students will leave EPIC having developed these skills, as well as having a greater understanding of global Irish history, the story of Irish emigration, and the power of stories and storytelling

Prepare to explore cross-curricula subjects including History, Geography, Science, Media, Technology, Art & Design, Drama, and Civic, Social & Political Education, while taking part in innovative skills-based outputs such as coding, illustration, role-playing, problem-solving, designing, building, creating, and more!

Before your visit, you will get the chance to customise your class’ experience to meet the needs and interests of your students, ensuring they will have an experience they will never forget!

Key Offerings for Schools at EPIC

1. Guided tour of Epic
For an in-depth visit with the opportunity for your class to ask questions, book a Guided Tour with one of our knowledgeable EPIC Tour Guides. Our guided tour lasts approx. 60 minutes and you and your group can explore the museum at your leisure after the tour. Guided tours are offered in both Irish and English.

2. Self-Guided Tour of EPIC
Explore the museum at your own pace and focus on the areas most relevant to your class. Add an Audio Guide to fully immerse your students in the captivating stories and history as they make their way through our museum.

3. Combo Tour with The Jeanie Johnson
Bring the Famine to life for your class like never before with a trip to a replica of a real Famine ship. The guided tour lasts 50 minutes and students will discover how the Famine forced millions of Irish people to flee the country and seek new lives elsewhere. Students will be able to explore the famous tall ship’s upper deck before going below deck to experience what life was like on board.

4. Emigrant's Suitcase Workshop
Explore how objects can tell people’s stories in our Emigrant’s Suitcase workshop series. Take part in skills-building tasks that span a range of curricula including English, History, Drama, Art, and Geography, and discover the lives of famous Irish emigrants, through a range of interactive activities and discussion! See below for the different themes we offer in this workshop series.
  • Irish History: Explore the lives of figures from Irish History, looking at stories of loss and famine in the stories of Thomas Quinn and Ellen Mahony, who crossed the Atlantic and headed for North America during the famine. While also exploring stories of fame and success, looking at the life of famous novelist Bram Stoker
  • Women’s History: Explore the lives of figures like investigative journalist Nellie Bly, who travelled around the world in 72 days, Irish-born Anne Bonny, who is better known today as the pirate queen of the Caribbean, and astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered a brand-new star.
  • Scientists: Discover how Irish figures impacted science – from John Phillip Holland who built the first working submarine, to Jocelyn Bell Burnell who discovered a new star, to Kay McNulty, who worked on the first ever general-purpose computer!
  • Adventurers: Discover EPIC figures, who forged their own path to travel to the most remote and fascinating places on earth, including Anne Bonny, pirate queen of the Caribbean, Ernest Shackleton, world-famous Antarctic explorer, and Nellie Bly, the journalist who travelled around the world in only 72 days!

5. Out in the World workshop series
Explore History and Civic, Social and Political Education through the six themes of EPIC’s ‘Out in the World: Ireland’s LGBTQ+ Diaspora’ exhibition (exclusion, community, love, defiance, solidarity and return). Putting themselves ‘in the shoes’ of characters from EPIC and the Out in the World Exhibition, student’s will explore human rights issues while building upon their empathy, teamwork, community, social, and world citizen skills.

6. Women’s History Workshop series
Discover how Irish women have impacted the world in this practical art & design workshop. Linked to SPHE, CSPE and the Arts, explore the stories of pioneers and protestors, and get ready to be inspired by their achievements to create a poster or an championing a societal issue in your own community, or an illustration of an inspiring woman in your life.

7. Techxibit Workshop Series
Linked to the new coding curriculum, explore cross-curricula topics such as STEM, History and the Arts in this practical skills-based workshop. With three options to choose from – Unplugged coding, Scratch, or HTML/CSS – your students will come away with an understanding of basic computer programming principles and skills, as well as a practical output such as a basic game or website.

8. Bedlam at the Border Workshop
Exploring History and Civic, Social & Political Education, students will work together to create their own countries with their own border and migration rules, then test them out as citizens attempting to travel. Exercising their skills of negotiation, problem solving, communication and teamwork, they will gain a better understanding of topics such as human rights, legislation and migration.

9. Around the World with Nellie Bly Workshop
Travel into the past in this interactive gaming session – the floor is the board and you are the pieces! Nellie Bly, an American journalist of Irish descent who pioneered undercover journalism, travelled around the world in just 72 days – follow her journey! Each role of the dice presents challenge, like answering a question or taking on your neighbour in a game of wit!

10. Space Explorers Workshop
Discover how Irish people and places have shaped space science. Learn about the astronauts with Irish ancestry; Cady Coleman and Neil Armstrong! Discover what actually makes up ‘space’, how to pack a suitcase for an astronaut and astrophysicist, what it’s like to go on a spacewalk, and how to design a sustainable new planet!

Why Visit EPIC?

  • 900 years of history in 90 minutes
  • 20 awe-inspiring galleries
  • 300 iconic Irish characters & stories
  • Links to school curriculum
  • Accredited SFI Discover Centre
  • Engaging motion sensor quizzes
  • Innovative technology
  • Interactive Whispering Library
  • Free souvenir passport for every student

What teachers are saying about us

The mere mention of the word 'museum' to a group of 16-year old boys has the potential to draw long faces and cries of "Not a museum!". Their experience in your museum last week changed their understanding of what modern museums have to offer. The teacher approached me after he returned with the group and simply stated "Amazing!"
Rockbrook Park School

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Epic and I now want EVERYONE I know to experience it.
Scoil Mhuire Tullamore

Group Bookings

Group rates available for 10 or more people pre-booking. For Group Bookings please contact us on 01 906 0861 or email

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