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Ghoulish Food for Halloween

Creepy Crawly Jelly

Shake with fear as this jelly contains all the creepy crawlies you love to hate! Make up an orange jelly according to the packet instructions. Sprinkle some gummy bugs (spiders or snakes) into a glass bowl and pour jelly up to about a 2.5 cm depth. Place in the fridge to set while keeping the rest of the jelly at room temperature. Once set, layer more bugs and jelly into the bowl. Repeat this until all the jelly is used.

Halloween Fairy Cakes
Make traditional fairy cakes and decorate with frosting in Halloween colours – orange, black, white. To make a bloodshot eyeball spoon white icing over the cake and place half a glace cherry at the centre and then paint on red lines coming out from the cherry using food colouring. To make ones with Dracula’s blood, hollow out a little of the centre of each cake and fill with soft strawberry jam. Replace the top of the cake and ice over with pink/red coloured icing – allow it to drip down the side.
Witch's Brew
Make up a fruit punch using a litre of fruit juice, a litre of lemonade and a litre of ginger ale. Add some cubed apples and seedless grapes to look like teeth and eyeballs. Serve with the spooky ice cubes and bright straws.
Halloween Candy
Sweets, sweets and lots of sweets! Bowls of black & orange sweets, e.g. jelly beans, M&M’s are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.
Spider Treats
Ingredients – Chocolate chip cookies, 200g chocolate, Thin liquorice strips- red or black for legs. Jelly Tots or Dolly Mixture sweets for eyes. Break up the chocolate and melt in over some boiling water in a heat-proof bowl. Dip the cookie into the chocolate, using a spoon to fish it out. Let it drain for a few seconds and then place onto a sheet of baking parchment. Lay four thin liquorice laces across the cookie like spider legs and stick on two jelly tots as eyes. Leave the chocolate to set.
Spooky Cubes
Add a few drops of red or green food colouring to a jug of cold water to colour it and then pour it into an ice cube tray for freezing. You can even add some small jelly bugs for extra spookiness! Alternatively you can half fill each cube with one colour, freeze it and then add the second colour and re-freeze giving you two tone spooky cubes.