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Halloween-themed mid term getaways: Transylvania, Romania

Want to bring the family some where different and exciting this Halloween break? Well, there's no better suited place than the birthplace of the infamous Count Dracula! We here at have compiled all of the best reasons why you should make the trip to the beautifully scenic, Romania.

Where is it?

Romania is situated in the southeastern part of Central Europe and shares its borders with the Black Sea, Hungary, Republic of Moldova and the Ukraine. The flight time from Ireland is around 3 hours and forty minutes.


It can be a little chilly in Romania so late in the year. The high can get up to 18°C while the low can go as low as 5°C. Well, let's be honest, it wouldn't be a proper Halloween experience without getting a touch of the shivers.

Best places for families

Dracula's castle

Romania is best known for its impressive array of cliff-top castles, nestled within high mountain peaks. The most famous of which would be Bran Castle in Transylvania, not only for its night-marish towers and eerily blood-red rooftops, but also because it is said to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula. The castle is open to the public every day and, as October is their low season, you won't have to wait in any pesky queues.

Peles Castle

Arguably the most beautiful castle that Romania has to offer, Peles Castle is a must see for the budding princess in any family. After seeing the remarkable architecture of the castle, why not take a short trip towards Sinaia Monastery where you can still see monks walking the halls.

Fairy-tale villages

Visit the surreal countryside of Maramures to soak up some of Romania's rural culture. The quaint, picteresque villages are reminiscent of Grimm fairy-tales. They are surrounded by rolling meadows and dense forests that will spark any child's imagination.These rural villages are unspoiled in both scenery and culture so you are gaurunteed an authentic and magical experience.Top attractions include the wooden church of Valea Stejarului, Rodna National Park, Barsana Monastery and the Merry Cemetery.

Wolf and Bear watching

Due to its mountainous terrain, Romania is home to much wildlife, including bears! There are no lions or tigers but the kids would still get the excitement of seeing a wolf pack in their natural habitat. Who knows, with it being Halloween and all you might even come across an actual werewolf!


Romania's capital has so much to offer for families, from its Botanical gardens to its fabulous outdoor Village museum, the kids are sure to always be amused.

Medieval Towns

Romania is home to Europe's most impressive and best preserved medeival towns.Take a stroll with the family along the regal streets and gothic architecture of Brasov or take the historic route through Sighisoara to visit the home of Vlad the Impaler, said to be the 'first vampire'.

Getting Around?

There are so many attractive sight in Romania that it would be difficult to pack them all into your Halloween break. The best way to see the beautiful sights and countrysides of Romania is to hire a car and do some hands-on sight-seeing! Alternatively, there are bus and rail options to most of the top attractions. There are many specialized tours on offer which also include transport, make sure to do some research and choose one that best suits you.

Hope you have a


holiday this Halloween!