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Horse Riding Lessons for Kid

A Parent's Guide

If your children are interested in beginning horse riding lessons then it’s a good idea to do a little research to find the best schools, prices and tips on how to make the experience better for your little jockeys. Here at we’ve done a little rustling on how to get the best from this perfect after-school equestrian hobby! Horse riding is the perfect hobby for those interested in animals and love the outdoors. It promotes strength, coordination and builds confidence for any young rider.

However, like most sports, horse riding can be dangerous and parents should understand all the risks and benefits before they take up the reigns. Generally, kids can begin horse riding lessons very young with classes available for kids as young as two or three years old. However, most classes begin at ages six years and up with most horse riding schools around Ireland advertising lessons from this age group. Horse riding can be a little scary for smaller kids but they will usually first sit on a smaller pony before moving on to full size horses.

If you are interested in getting lessons for your child make sure they are interested in this activity first before you commit to the expenses involved. The best way to promote interest in any activity is to first spark their curiosity. Bringing them to horse riding centres, or even enjoying events such as the Dublin Horse Show may inspire them. Other ways would be to enjoy books about horses whereby both you and your child can learn about them together. Horse riding has its dangers and some schools ask that parents have appropriate health insurance that covers their children in case of accidents.

Most good equestrian schools provide safety equipment to rent for first timers including back protectors and helmets. Make sure your chosen school is registered and include safe ponies and proper certified instructors. Remember, horse riding can grow to be an expensive hobby, Lessons start at around 20-30 euro per lesson. Equipment can be rented but if your child is getting serious about the sport you will be looking into buying your own equipment, and eventually having your own pony!