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Easy party food ideas and tips for kids birthday parties.

Your child’s birthday is approaching and the excitement at home is building. While you want to celebrate the occasion with your little darling, the idea of organising a party may seem like a nightmare. For many parents, one of the most daunting parts of organising a children’s birthday party is the idea of feeding everyone. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Need some easy party food ideas and tips? Dont stress - we’ve got you covered!

Healthy snacks - or not?

While your aim may be to delight the kids with healthy nosh, they will always expect some treats at a birthday party. Try to provide a mixture of both healthy snacks and treats so as your child’s friends are not left disappointed as the party ends.

  • Children often base their opinions of food on its appearance, by putting colourful fruit and cheese on sticks, kids will be much more likely to eat these healthier snacks.
  • Cut sandwiches into interesting shapes and place them on colourful plates so as to increase their attractiveness to young eyes.
  • Be careful to avoid placing healthier, ‘less interesting’ snacks next to the more exciting cakes and buns that you have on offer. No child will go for a ham and cheese sandwich over an icing smothered fairy cake!
  • Keep your portion sizes small. Children have very little tummies that fill up quickly! Mini pizzas and mini hamburgers are great for young kids too.

The pièce de résistance - The cake

Everyone love cake and the birthday cake is the center to any kids birthday party. Decide whether you will take on the challenge to bake one yourself, or choose from one of the many birthday cake suppliers around the country. A novelty cake is always sure to delight young party goers and a child will have his own preferences on theme. Depending on how much you want to spend, any cake shape or colour can be made.

Food as a fun party activity

Meal time can be turned into a fun party activity for the kids at your party. Let the kids assemble their food themselves. Bowls of fillings may be placed on a table so as kids can create their own rolls, sandwiches or wraps.

They will be more interested in their food if they feel they have made it themselves and they will have fun as they eat - a double bonus!

Always ask for allergies

When planning your child’s birthday party, be sure to ask parents of any allergies that their kids may have. It is important to be aware of any allergies when planning the food you will serve so as to avoid any unfortunate happenings on the day and to ensure everything runs smoothly. For more on allergies click here.

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