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Pallas Marketing Fundraising shows

What Pallas Marketing clients think

“Our school worked with Pallas Marketing in 2018. We are a small school of 130 pupils and no words can describe the level of support we got from Pallas Marketing. This is an exceptional company and I would recommend George, Tom and their team to any school as the best fundraising partners. We actually raised €61,000 – I still can’t believe it”
Christine O’Shea, Principal, Firmount NS, Co Cork


Ryan Tubridy presenting "Who wants to be a Thousandaire"
Pallas Marketing shows ( have raised in excess of €18m for schools and clubs over the past 17 years. Over 800 Schools and Clubs have made Pallas Marketing their fundraising partners and average profit per show last year was €32,000. The main reason is that Pallas Marketing provides fundraising coaching for school committees which takes away the need to "beg" from businesses for funds.

Show me the money! – Leonette O’Gorman wins a cool €600

High Profile events for exhibitors

Our events are extremely high profile and we provide an opportunity for exhibitors to set up stalls (like an Ideal Homes event). We work to ensure that the exhibitors receive maximum exposure and they either sell products at the event or they give vouchers to the audience to purchase later. The entire focus is on what the exhibitor gets and there are always some companies who are disappointed as only one business in any sector can exhibit.

The school doesnt have to pay !

The really good news is that your school does not carry a cost for running a Pallas Marketing show. The exhibitors cover the cost of hosting the event for you so all the income from advertising and ticket sales are yours.

Advertising at our shows

Ronan O'Gara as "Phone a Friend"

All income from advertising goes to the school. This year to date, an average of 120 businesses have advertised per show with payment ranging from €200 to €250 each. This is because we don't print silly programmes that nobody will read, we don't advise you to put up signage that will be ignored. Businesses are completely fatigued from being approached by fundraising committees who just want their cash and offer little in return. We focus completely on what will actually bring business to an advertiser.

This is a combination of large screen advertising at our show and valuable internet promotion through the school website. We set a reasonable price for advertising to attract businesses and we provide a tax relief cert which reduces the cost further. Business owners also receive free tickets for the show and an invite to a networking event and wine reception for all advertisers pre-show. If you focus totally on the advertiser and not on your school, you will succeed. Effectively, you sell quality advertising to companies who are already buying advertising and you never mention the words “sponsorship” or "fundraising"!

Audience members enjoying a show


School fundraising committees are volunteers and many have never had to do this type of work before.

We work with the committee for eight to ten weeks and we coach the members every step of the way. Once you attend the coaching, you will never beg for funds for your school again!

What you need to do to run a show

You just need eight volunteers to work with us - the rest is straightforward. Once the volunteers follow the structure, the workload is reasonable and not excessively time consuming.

What you don't need to do to run a show

    • You don’t need to spend endless nights learning to sing, dance or mime
    • You don’t need to plan the running of the show – Pallas Marketing does all that, you can just attend like everyone else
    • You don’t need to spend months doing this – its all completed in 8 weeks
    • You don’t need to sell pages in a pointless printed programme that will never be read


Quite simply, we bring professionalism to fundraising. We have 17 years of experience and over 800 committees have all been successful.

Why not do one fundraiser every few years, do it really well and you won't have to be continuously trying to run events?

Getting more information

We will attend a meeting at your school without any obligation to book our services. This meeting takes just one hour and we explain everything about the project in great detail. To arrange this, or to receive a brochure, please contact us as follows:

Use the "Contact Us" section on

George McGrath on 086-1716753
Tom Shanahan on 087-9782550
Our office 067-23838