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How to choose the right Summer Camp for your child

With the Summer school holidays approaching, it’s time to think about what summer camps and activities are available for the young ones. Depending on age, location and interests, there is plenty on offer for all this summer around Ireland. All interests, and activities are catered for with our collection of kids and teen camps which you can choose by category and location.

Whether it’s language schools, art classes or sports, Ireland has an amazing range of age appropriate activities for all types of kids. But before you choose one here is our guide on getting the best fun for you kids this summer. After you’ve read our guide, here’s some favourites for summer camps most popular regions. Take a look at your local camps through our location guide.


Language Courses

Nothing provides memories greater than those spent at the Gaeltacht. With total immersion in Irish language, kids will have a different experience with learning our native tongue. For teens studying european languages in secondary school theres fun to be had at residential language classes brushing up on skills for those all important exam years.
Locate language courses here.

Sport Camps

Which sports camp depends of what sport your children enjoy most, which they want to try and which they would like to improve on. Most areas and clubs will have their own sports camps set up for July & August. Check local club websites for listings on what’s available. Popular sports like hurling, soccer and football fill up fast, so try and book as early as possible to secure a place.
Locate sports camps here

Creative Arts Camps

Arts help kids prepare for the future by becoming creative, open-minded and coordinated people, that helps fully develop their brains and senses. Art builds self-esteem, increases motivation and helps kids understand our relationship to the environment. Many courses have fully qualified art teachers from top schools to help guide childrens talent.
Locate Creative Arts Camps here 

Performing arts & Film

Performing arts has the ability to provide kids with a wide variety of skills to set them up for life. Performing Arts camps can include Drama, Singing, Dancing and Music or a combination of all of these. Film Making camps usually include an introduction to the whole process from writing scripts, to acting, lighting, sound, and filming. Usually the kids will get to make a film at the end of the week.
Locate Performing /Film Camps here

Activities for Teens

Older teens are sometimes harder to provide for during the summer as they become more independent at home. However, there are still plenty of great summer camps that provide activities they are guaranteed to enjoy. Group coordinated camps like water sports, and other outdoor activities like Eco camps will help teens make friends and build relationships while learning and having fun.
Locate Teen Camps here

Computers & Tech

Tech and Computer camps are a great way to allow your child access to a whole new world of challenging and engaging activities. Programming (or coding) is a fantastic pass-time and can open doors in your child's future. With more and more kids learning to code at a young age, the community for programmers is fun and a great way to make new friends, and there has never been a better time to join in.
Locate Computer & Technology camps here

Science and Maths

Science and Maths camps are a great way to foster a real, lasting interest in the sciences and mathematics in your kids. The camps can instil a lasting curiosity in all things science and can help find their own fields of interest within science and maths. The knowlege and experience gained in these camps can help children embrace science subjects when they reach secondary school.
Locate Science and Maths courses here

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure camps are mostly run by specialist centres. Camps usually include a range of outdoor sports such as kayaking, orienteering rock climbing etc. This is a great way to introduce new sports and activities into your kids life. The camps are usually physically demanding and will suit active sports loving kids. Discounts may be available for siblings/multiple weeks.
Locate Outdoor adventure camps here


Multi-Activity camps provide "taster" or introductory sessions (about 4 -6 a day) in a range of activities such as sports, adventure, creative and performing arts activities. They are a great way for kids to enjoy a range of activities and can also be an opportunity for your child to try out some activities they haven't experienced before. They usually include both indoor and outdoor activities.
Locate Multi-Activity camps here 

Life Skills

These camps provide an opportunity for your child to learn or improve general life skills, such as Cookery, Sewing, Make-up, Reading, keyboard skills and Confidence building. These camps can be invaluable to your child, providing a foundation in some life skills that will stand to them for years into the future. The only question left to ask is which one should your child learn first!.
Locate life skills camps here