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Another Fine Mess Food Education & Cooking Workshops

Food education and cooking workshops should be available and accessible to everyone, so we have worked hard researching ways to make that possible. We work closely with food suppliers to get the best products & focus on seasonal produce, educating on food budgeting and the required techniques to make an array of versatile exciting healthy dishes. 

With our team of Food Consultants, Chefs and an Environmental Scientist we provide instruction & realistic, attainable solutions to the ongoing issues faced in our current food culture and support to schools that want to enhance their food offering and food education standards dramatically.

We lead by teaching hands-on cooking skills, food budgeting & ways to apply this to everyday life. We don't focus much on the current outdated modules or the use of expensive or generally unattainable food ingredients.

Starting with the basics we talk about food hygiene, food contamination, how to cook in bulk, how to store food. We discuss food sustainability, how to cut down on waste & ways to make incremental changes to help with the issues faced by climate change. We move to knife skills & food cooking techniques- how to get the best out of your produce, how to prepare veg, meat, fish & grains & how to cook for a group.

We inquire about our students ‘food habits & interests and meet them in the middle by showing them what they would like to know. We show how restaurants & fast-food outlets make some of their favorite dishes, outlining the cost comparison & health benefits of making it themselves.
To date we have held approx 165 classes & educated 440 pupils, the results are positive with feedback from students’ & parents of our recipes being replicated at home.
By demonstrating how to cook food from scratch we hope to instill a significant change of attitude towards food.


We have provided our workshops in various venues and in schools where we can make a definite impact. We encourage students to trust their instincts and develop their taste and palate, our workshops are about students building confidence in their own abilities. Many students we teach never believed they were capable of making the dishes they create and gain great confidence in realising their ability to cook healthy delicious meals for themselves.

​ We arrive at the location at 7am on Monday and leave by 5pm Friday, it takes us about 2hrs set up & 2hrs pack down our class. We prefer locations that have access to a kitchenette, hot water & a fridge but can adjust if not. We provide all equipment & produce.

Students make themselves a breakfast & lunch or healthy treats depending on the day's menu. This is a hands-on class so everyone will be making their dish working in groups of 2 per workstation..

  • We are fully insured & garda vetted.
  • Min attendees are 10 per class & max is 20.
  • Age groups are 8-12yrs & 12-16yrs and TY Students.


3 of these Workshops are Live-Streamed Cook -Alongs. (Scheduled Zoom Classes).

​ For these days we will send you recipes, a shopping list & you can join us at the scheduled time for the workshop.

The other 3 Workshops Are "in Your Own Time" Workshops
(Non-Scheduled Zoom Classes).

​ We realise that homes have different dinner times! So these 3 workshops are about enjoying cooking for your family at a time when suits best. We will send you a downloadable video with recipes and a shopping list. You can email us with any questions you have about a recipe or ingredient substitutions.

​ All the recipes contain easily found ingredients at your local shopping store.

​ Our workshops are designed for students to cook without parental participation however, parents know their children best. Some children may need a hand with particular equipment or instructions.

​ If you are not a TY student and you would like to join just one day's workshop, you can book a one-off cooking class from below. These are 1hr-1.30hr classes, we will send you a shopping list, recipe sheet and a small test sheet at the end

086 452162