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School Workshops


Createschool has been successfully delivering workshops for almost 20 years, encouraging students to collaborate, unleash their creative sides and discover hidden talents. All of our workshops are suitable for Junior Cycle, Transition Year, JCSP and LCA Programmes and Senior Primary Classes. All equipment and materials are supplied and are Ideally suited for themed projects such as DEVED, Mental Health and Environmental Awareness Issues.

Movie Maker


Students collaborate to script, rehearse, shoot and edit their ideas to create finished short films.

The participants learn skills and techniques that they can continue to develop after the workshop in order to make films with their own mobile technology.



Learn how to research, write, record, edit, produce and share podcasts using readily available technology and equipment.

Students will create podcasts using your preferred technology option

Podcasts are a great communication tool and students will use a variety of language, technological, creative and project management skills to create their podcasts which can be themed on curriculum based studies, creative writing, etc.



A hands on Introduction to songwriting, recording and / or performance.
Students work together in small groups to write, arrange, rehearse, record and / or perform their own songs.
Our focus is on collaborative learning, self expression, ideas generation & enjoyment.
All of our tutors are dedicated and professional educators and are passionate about teaching and learning.

Brick Flicks - Stop Motion Animation with LEGO


This workshop employs a blended approach combining technology to capture the stop motion animation with tactile elements to create the movement, the sets and the stories.
Participants learn some of the basic skills of stop motion to make their LEGO mini figures come alive.
They create sets from card, paper and plasticine that help tell their stories and learn a variety of arts, crafts, communication, critical thinking, language, maths, science, engineering, technology and creative skills in the process.

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