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Websites to help kids learn Irish

Young primary school aged kids are at the best stage in life to get a good grasp on a language. For this reason, its important that kids get a good introduction to language at an early age. Lots of kids struggle with Irish all the way through school, so why not help your kids out by introducing them to a few helpful apps and websites that may just make that struggle a little easier.

While there isn’t a huge range of sites to choose from, here are a few that may be useful in helping the kids with their homework, or just improving their Irish in general:


Easy Irish aims to teach the language in a fun and easy way. With free podcasts covering a wide range of subjects including likes and dislikes, numbers, days of the week and much more, kids will hopefully get a good grip on the language in no time. The site also includes a few fun games for kids to play, as well as lots of useful links to Irish tv and radio stations, dictionaries and other Irish resources.

Is Feider Liom

Is Feider Liom is a free online website for all types of learners ( adults and kids) that lets you learn Irish through simple online courses. It teaches the basics and foundational Irish to those who have never done Irish before or have very little understanding of it. It can help both parents and kids who are new to the language which can be very helpful for those starting in Junior Infants and learning Irish for the first time.

Cula Caint & Cula 4

Cula Caint is an Irish language learning website available as part of TG4 website. TG4 offer a educational and fun children’s section to their website called Cula4 which includes cartoons, games and competitions both in English and Irish. As part of their website they have also developed a number of simple learning apps to help kids understand the Irish language through storytelling, pictures, songs, puzzles and more. They offer a number of free apps for younger kids or for first time learners, using easy-to-follow format with pictures and words.


Langroo sends you all the resources you need via messenger to learn a language, and let's you practice it through video calls with a 1-1 native tutor! Start learning the fun way, using engaging daily videos and messages. Master topics such as natural phrases, slang, culture and pronunciation. To become a master in your language, you can request a tutor anytime. You will get to choose the focus, accent, and common interests of your tutor, who will hold weekly video classes starting from €16.99/week.

Smarty Cat Games

Smarty Cat Games offers games to help children learn the Irish and French language in a fun and exciting manner. I established Smarty Cat Games in June 2012 as I found it so hard to get good quality fun games to help children learn Irish. Our Cluichí Gaeilge are used to assist children with learning Irish in a fun and informal manner. They consists of ten games that are based on the ten themes of the National Curriculum for Gaeilge. The games in the pack vary to ensure that children don’t get bored playing the same style of game over and over. 


Ruth N Shiadhail

(19-11-2014 12:59)

Clinic Obair Baile -- Homework Clinic free of charge in Loughrea

Help with homework for parents and children over tea and coffee in an informal setting ....
T cuidi ar fil do thuismitheoir a iarrann sin maidir le hobair baile a leana ... mar aon le tae agus caif i mBaile Locha Riach.
Bain triail as - obair baile agus dath isteach pictir do leana lasmuigh den scoil ....

Eolas | Info:


(03-05-2016 14:42)

Hi could you advise me please with regards the best option in helping my son on improving his irish. He was put into a mixed class from 4th with 5th and had the 5th class books and has struggled since. i have of course mentioned this to the teacher put i am still concerned any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks.


(27-10-2016 14:10)

Currently residing in Germany & have 2 children who need to continue to learn and understand Irish (aged 9 - 4th class), I'm currently trying to find online resources that can help them with the Irish Curriculum for their age group / class so that when we return home in 2017. I have some Irish books that I refer to covering 2nd and 3rd class when home schooling.

Any suggestions, feedback would be very welcome.

Tadhg Giles

(17-02-2017 23:04)

A new Irish company called Langroo offers 1-1 Irish native speakers via Facebook to perfect the language! You get a 15 minute trial as well. Hope that helps.


(05-12-2016 08:43)

Hi, you can create an account at and listen to the Ligh sa Bhaile series of books. There's one for each class level and you can read the book online also. They're great book with lots of vocab and a helpful box with difficult meanings at the bottom of the page.
Hope that helps


(28/02/2017 08:48)

The app duolingo which can be downloaded for free is excellent. Our local school is using it for Irish French and german

Patricia Vila

(27/03/2017 15:13)

My child will be 6yrs old in June this year. She's currently doing Senior Infants in an Irish speaking school. She's been struggling with the Irish language even though she's a clever child. Her teacher approached me at the beginning of the year to express her concerns as my child wasn't answering any question in class, not even when asked in English. I have decided to change her to an English speaking school but am wondering if she should repeat SI since she hasn't done great plus she learnt through Irish and won't have any English formal teaching experience. I don't want her to struggle on 1st Class as well. I would appreciate any feedback you may have. Many thanks.


(04/04/2017 10:56)

I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any after school/weekend irish speaking classes for children. It's for my 7 year old daughter, just to improve her irish in a fun way. I'm living in Dublin 15. Many thanks.


(02/07/2017 11:20)

I have a 7 yr old, our Iraq language is English but he attends an Irish school. He's doing ok but I was wondering if you could suggest books or apps to help him. Thanks


(13/09/2017 13:59)

Does anyone know of a website where you can download/print off grammar worksheets for 1st/2nd & 3rd year irish students?
Appreciate any help that can be given

Vivienne Merritt

(21/08/2018 12:59)

Hi looking for sites to help for my junior cert and leaving cert daughters


(22/08/2018 09:28)

Hi Vivienne
You'll find links on the following pages to websites to help at junior and leaving cert level

Laura Jane

(10/09/2018 19:27)

Hi, Just wondering is there any Irish classes for younger children in the Kildare area????


(12/11/2018 13:27)

I am a teacher in cbs primary mitchelstown and trying to promote gaeilge in the school i.e. reading. I was wondering is there resources I.e. library books as gaeilge for the boys that are given to promote irish in schools.
Kind regards

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