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Your rights as a childminder

If you are choosing to become a childminder (which we define as someone who minds kids in the childminder's home) then it is worth understanding the role, what you can expect with working with children in your own home, and the experience with working with parents, before you begin. If you love children and like the idea of working from home then childminding is perfect for you but besides lots of patience and a great sense of humour there are a few other issues you need to be aware of before you consider this role.

What are your rights of a childminder?

As a childminder working from your own home, you are usually categorised as being as self-employed, particularly if you are minding kids for more than one family. In such situations you are not covered by employment legislation. Because you are, in a sense, proposing and negotiating a service to a prospective ‘client’ you should ensure that these terms are set out in an agreement and signed by both you and the parents. You should clearly set the terms and conditions such as hours of work, payment details, expenditure nappies/meals etc holiday pay.

Deciding a price

Because it is your responsibility to negotiate your own agreement, you must ensure you have agreed on such issues like holiday pay, and all extra costs considered prior to commencement. Before you agree to these costs with parents you must make sure you take all expenditure into consideration, such as:

  • What will your operating hours be? What times will you be available?
  • Who provides meals for children?
  • Will you charge for bank holidays, holidays, illness?
  • Will you require notice if the need for your service is discontinued?
  • What child-care equipment will you need? highchair, buggy etc?
  • Increase in household bills: food & light, and insurance (see below)

Check out our discussion threads from parents on prices to charge.


Childminders should notify their household insurance company that they are running a childminding service. Failure to inform them could invalidate your insurance. If you are minding a child in rented accommodation you must inform your landlord so he/she can inform his household insurance company. If the child will be a passenger in your car during your service, it is best to inform your motor insurance policy to see if there is an additional charge: they may class this a ‘business use’. For more info please see our article childminders’ motor insurance.

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Lily Jones

(14/11/2017 23:26)

Just wondering regarding what to charge for a two year old child from 8.30 to 6 three days a week and 8.30 till 230 two day then sister comes in on the three days leave my home for school and arrives back I at 230 till six so what should I charge to include meals snacks etc
What do you do about bank holidays or holidays etc


(15/11/2017 16:53)

Rate depends on what your offering... Are you registered, insured, any qualifications, experience, first aid, garda vetted etc. Where you are in the country also is a huge factor. Are you any of the above?


(10/06/2023 16:52)

Hello ,
I am writing to know about rights of parents.
I have a contract with my childminder for one year and I gave her one month notice of ending contract.
She take 1000 per month from 8.30 and to 5.50 pm( excluding meals) while my child goes to pre school from 9 am to 12 pm . I pay in 1st week only.
She drops my child and collects as well .She drops her daughter to school nearby school.

According to contract she is entitled for 20 days leaves excluding public holidays of 10 days which I agreed.

Now she has taken 11 days personal leaves apart from 8 days of public holidays.
Now she is saying she will take 10 days leaves that mean she will stop on 16 th June 2023.

Now even with contract she is eligible for 16.66 day in 10 months . take it 17 days.
I have asked 4 more days which I should get .but she declined.
Please advice me where to go for help .

Thanks .

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