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Calls for mandatory 2 hrs of PE in secondary schools

Posted by Schooldays Newshound on 18/12/2015. Calls for mandatory 2 hrs of PE in secondary schoolsTags: Education And Politics Teachers Parenting

As the final whistle is about to be blown on a year of sporting highs, and ahead of a spring General Election, the Federation of Irish Sport has today called on political parties to commit to a level playing field when it comes to sport in Ireland.

The Federation is calling for 2 hours' PE in secondary schools and 1 hour PE in primary schools to be made mandatory, that tax reliefs be put in place and additional funding be extended to sport to bring it back to 2008 levels by 2021, and that a sports event bidding agency be established as a matter of urgency to bring prestigious international sporting events to Ireland.

The calls came as Bernard Brogan, President Federation of Irish Sport, launched its 2015 Annual Review capturing a year of sporting triumphs and successes for the National Governing Bodies of Sport and Local Sports Partnerships.

Bernard Brogan highlighted some of his 2015 sporting highs and how, as a nation, we need to nurture sport, starting in our schools:
"Sport has brought us many memorable moments this year. There have been fantastic victories for both the men and women's rugby teams in the Six Nations during 2015. Then there was Shane Long's stunning goal against World Cup champions Germany followed by ultimate qualification for the Euros in 2016. And, of course, how could I forget Dublin's outstanding performance in bringing home Sam in the GAA All Ireland Senior Football Championships in September.

"Yet imagine what we could do if we were to build on the fantastic grassroots support for sport in our local communities. We know that only 35 per cent of primary schools and just 10 per cent of our secondary schools are receiving the recommended 60 and 120 minutes of PE respectively each week1. Of course, as adults too, we have a real challenge, with only a third of us getting the recommended 30 minutes' exercise five days a week2. Sport needs to be supported, nurtured and grown and that is why it is incumbent on Government to step up to the plate and do what it can to ensure participation and that our young people and adults get the sporting chance that they deserve."

James Galvin, CEO of the Federation of Irish Sport, pointed to some of the very tangible benefits afforded by Irish sport, while also emphasising how sport can give so much more:
"The figures are there for all to see. 40,000 jobs sustained by sport3. €1.9 billion in household spending on sport4. Over €1 billion in tourism spending on sport5. Half a million people volunteering their time to sport6. Plus, it's estimated that by participating regularly in sport, we are 14 years' younger in health terms7 - now, who could argue with that?

Source: Press Release



(09-01-2016 18:38)

Just a short comment. I have worked in national schools in my area for approx 3-4 years, delivering a first class service in conjunction with the LSP, on a C.E. scheme. However I have now moved on and have my own sports and fitness business, providing circuit classes for adults and strength & conditioning to GAA teams. I have a lot of qualifications related to children's fitness and exercise but there would appear to be no method of funding that would allow the schools ( unless they pay out of their budget or charge the children) to bring in an external coach. I feel unlike the UK this is where Ireland is losing out.

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