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Google launches Family Link Safety App in Ireland

Posted by Schooldays Newshound, on 08/11/2017. Google launches Family Link Safety App in IrelandTags: Parenting

Google has launched it's 'Family Link' App in Ireland today (8th Nov).Family Link is an app provided by Google which allows parents and guardians to connect their smart device (android or iOS) to their child's smart phone or tablet (android only).

Once the two devices are connected, parents will not only be able to monitor their child's internet/online activity but they will also be able to remotely regulate the amount of time their child spends on the device.

Parents can approve or block websites and apps, set bedtime shut downs and can lock the device completey for when they want their child to have a cooling-off period away from their smart screens.

While the app allows a parent to govern what social media & messaging apps their child uses, they will not be able to view the messages their child sends.

Parent can also receive weekly or monthly activity reports on how much screen time their child is getting and what they are using this screen time for.

Daily screen time limits can also be set and the device will automatically lock when this limit is crossed.

Currently, Family Link applies to children under 13 years of age with no minumum age for the service. Teens over the age of 13 have the choice to withdraw from the service if they wish.

In order to comply with child privacy regulations, the app charges a one time download fee of 30c for parents as a way to confirm parental consent for Google to gather information on their child.

Google also make clear that they are funded through advertising and will not be providing parents with an option to stop ads from displaying on their child's device.

If you would like to set up Family Link, your child will need a device that runs Android Nougat (7.0) or higher. The service is not currently available for kids who have iOS (Apple) devices.

However, parents with iOS devices can still use the service to moniter their child's android device.

To set up the Family Link service, parents should download the Family Link app onto their own device. From the app, you can then set up a Google account for your child.

On your child's android device, you can then sign them into their new Google account and from there you can set the ground rules. The app will help you step by step to acheive the limitations you want on your child's device.

For more information on this app, click here.


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