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ISSU Exam Survey #ClarificationNow

Posted by Schooldays Newshound, on 06/04/2020. ISSU Exam Survey #ClarificationNowTags: Parenting Teachers

The Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU) is continually striving for the clarity needed on the 2020 State Examinations contingency plan.

In response to the release of our ISSU State Examinations 2020 survey report the ISSU wishes to note;

  • The ISSU is just one of the many stakeholders who are working with the Department of Education on this issue. The ISSU alone does not have the power to change or implement plans for State Examinations, but we are working proactively with the Department, it’s bodies and other stakeholders in the education system to ensure the fairest solution for all students is found. A core aim of the ISSU is to represent all second-level students across Ireland and to ensure fairness and equality in the education system.

  • The results from the survey are reflective of the submissions from over 46,000 students in examination years. The survey took place over 6 days, and was shared to our 400 member schools and 36 Regional Officers to disseminate among students. The survey received significant coverage on social media and the resulting response equates to a sample of almost 37% of all students taking exams. This sample is significant, particularly given the amount of time afforded to the ISSU to consult with students, and is the largest survey response the union has ever received. The ISSU is working on behalf of students based on this significant input, however the recommendations provided at the end of this report have been given as a reflection of the submissions received and are in no way deemed to be the opinions of those who did not fill out the survey or submit their views.

  • There is considerable opposition to a proposal for predicted grading among Leaving Certificate students, which is also shared by other representative stakeholders. The ISSU recognises these concerns and is working to address these.

  • Similarly, there is a majority in opposition to sitting Leaving Certificate exams in June as planned. Students have missed valuable contact time with teachers and fallen behind on project and practical work. If exams do go ahead, provisions and revised plans for assessment must be introduced, including a “No Detriment” policy as proposed by the ISSU and third-level student unions.

  • The ISSU has provided recommendations on a variety of possible outcomes for the State Examinations contingency plans. These recommendations have been directly shaped by student feedback and are proposed to secure fairness and equality for all.

    The ISSU will continue to advocate that students, as key stakeholders in their education, are consulted and included in any decisions to be made regarding their education in the coming weeks and months.





    (06/04/2020 14:02)

    I think that certain people especially in rural areas who have worse Wifi or signal are at a severe disadvantage as they may fall behind on online classes and may stop them from finishing their course. I think this and other factors involved in the obstruction of learning must be taken very seriously by the government and its decision making on the exams going ahead.


    (07/04/2020 22:34)

    So of the 46,000 that completed the survey, how many exactly were Leaving Certificate Students?


    (08/04/2020 12:37)

    I think it should be done on previous grades . My son will be at a disadvantage ( as a lot more) due to poor internet and having learning difficulties and no add support since school closed

    Kim callaghan

    (11/04/2020 23:14)

    How will it work out for students who have special requirements like scribe or reader, this will be impossible to do if their 2m away from each other. Student is doing LCA, which I’m sure could be marked on their overall key assignments from throughout the course of 5&6 LCA.


    (13/01/2021 18:17)

    Just cancel the junior and leaving cert We have been at home for I’d say nearly 50% of the material needed and that would come up in the state exams

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