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Feeder Schools Lists published for 2019

Posted by SchoolDays Newshound, on 03/12/2019. Feeder Schools Lists published for 2019Tags: Parenting Teachers

The college progression data or information on ‘feeder schools’ to third level for autumn 2019 is available today on providing school-by-school information on which students have progressed to which colleges this year.

To view the information on your school for the last ten years on, visit 'Find a secondary school' and when you locate your school click on 'College Progression Stats' on the bottom right of the page. Links to whole school evaluations and subject inspections reports can also be found on the same menu. does not provide 'league table' ranking of schools as very often the progression percentage (as published in the newspapers) is not a true rate of progression as repeat leaving cert students are included in the data from colleges. For example it is worth noting in the published newspaper lists this year that the progression rates as reported are not necessarily a 'true rate'. The Irish Times highlights that while Mount Anville appears at the top of their list with the highest progression rate, the school is in fact benefiting from a drop of studentswho sat the leaving cert in 2019 as compared to the previous year. Another example is Blackrock College which shows a percentage progression rate of 110 %.

Some of these anamolies also arise as information provided by the third level colleges can include all incoming first-year students that attended a given school even though a percentage of them may have sat the exams in previous years, e.g. they may have dropped out of another course and started again or delayed going to college for a year.

The anomoly where the published news paper lists in many cases show more than 100 per cent attendance of school schools students at third level indicates that some students are being counted twice. The Irish Times explains that, "if a student drops out of one course having been counted and credited back to his/her school and starts a new course in that college or in another college altogether, they are again credited back to their original school". Another short-coming of prograession tables is that the data does not include students progression to further education or apprenticeships .

Whilst there are anomolies in how the progression figures are reported, as in previous years patterns of progression can still be determined from the data available, For example as in previous years, private schools continue to top the published lists in the newspapers today of schools sending the most students to College.

Half of the 20 schools with the highest proportion of students going on to third level in 2019 are fee-payin schools. And of the schools supplying the most student to the high points courses in universities, nine of the top ten schools are fee paying. On average, fee-paying schools send 100 per cent of students to higher education. However DEIS Schools (schools participating in the state support scheme for disadvantaged scecondary schools) sends an average of 57% to higher education.

To view the information on your school on progression data to third level college for the last ten years on, visit 'Find a secondary school' and when you locate your school click on 'College Progression Stats' on the bottom right of the page. Alternatively you can find you school by visiting our map or by inputting the school name in our google search bar on the blue pencil on any page on our site.

Read more about college progression data on


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