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Find Primary Schools in Ireland - Primary Cork County

Details for Primary schools and links to the Assessments from the Department of Education.

Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records.
Schools are sorted here by address (some addresses are also in Irish).

NameAddress Enrolment
Scoil Naisiunta Mhuire
Scoil Naisiunta MHUIRE
Araglinn Kilworth Co Chorcai (058 50513)Boys: 40 Girls: 35
Ath Treasna Girls National School
ATH TREASNA Girls National School
Ath Treasna Co Cork (029 60723)Girls: 110
Scoil Naisiunta Faill O GcobhthaighBallydesmond Mallow Co Cork (CLOSED)Boys: 5 Girls: 1
Ballygown National School
BALLYGOWN National School
Ballygown Mallow Co Cork (022 26611)Boys: 60 Girls: 48
Ballyhea National School
BALLYHEA National School
Ballyhea Rathluirc Co Cork (063 81086)Boys: 67 Girls: 85
Scoil Mhuire Ballyhooly
Scoil Mhuire Ballyhooly
Ballyhooley Co Cork (025 39428)Boys: 114 Girls: 80
St Lachteen's National School
St Lachteen's National School
Ballykerwick, Donoughmore, Co. Cork (021 7337248)Boys: 77 Girls: 83
Scoil Chaitriona
Ballynoe Mallow Co Cork (058 59411)Boys: 58 Girls: 46
Boherbue National School
BOHERBUE National School
Boherboy Co Cork (029 76141)Boys: 93 Girls: 101
Lisgriffin National School
LISGRIFFIN National School
Buttevant Co Cork (022 23855)Boys: 17 Girls: 11
Castletownroche National SchoolCastletownroche Co Cork (022 26024)Boys: 50 Girls: 36
Ballyhass National School
BALLYHASS National School
Cecilstown Mallow Co Cork (022 27937)Boys: 120 Girls: 104
Holy Family S S
Charleville Co Cork (063 81621)Boys: 55 Girls: 30
St Anne's
St Anne's
Charleville Co Cork (063 89451)Girls: 186
Churchtown National School
Churchtown National School
Churchtown Mallow Co Cork (022 23656)Boys: 58 Girls: 65
Scoil Mhuire Na Trocaire
Cill Na Mullach Co Chorcai (022 23506)Boys: 119 Girls: 90
Scoil Naisiunta Moing Na Miol
Scoil Naisiunta MOING NA MIOL
Clashbee Mallow Co Cork (021 7333163)Boys: 65 Girls: 74
Banteer National School
BANTEER National School
Clonmeen Road, Banteer Co Cork (029 56262)Boys: 104 Girls: 86
Knocknagree National School
Knocknagree National School
Cnoc Na Groighe Mallow Co Cork (064 7756237)Boys: 32 Girls: 44
Kiskeam National School
Kiskeam National School
Coisceim Mallow Co Cork (029 76456)Boys: 33 Girls: 24
Curriglass National SchoolCurriglass Mallow Co Cork (058 56707)Boys: 28 Girls: 25
Derrinagree National School
DERRINAGREE National School
Derrinagree Mallow Cork (029 78223)Boys: 43 Girls: 37
Presentation Primary (Amalgamated See Note)
Presentation Primary (Amalgamated see note)
Doneraile Co Cork (022 24512)Boys: 16 Girls: 61
Scoil Na Mbraithre (Amalgamated See Note)
SCOIL NA MBRAITHRE (amalgamated see note)
Doneraile Co Cork (022 24499)Boys: 53
Dromagh Mixed National School
DROMAGH MIXED National School
Dromagh Mallow Co Cork (029 56067)Boys: 8 Girls: 10
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh Muire
Scoil Naisiunta NAOMH MUIRE
Fearann Co Chorcai (021 7331623)Boys: 97 Girls: 89
St Abbey's National School
St Abbey's National School
Glantane Mallow Co Cork (022 47101)Boys: 49 Girls: 55
Scoil Naisiunta Gleannamhain
Scoil Naisiunta GLEANNAMHAIN
Glanworth Co Cork (025 38404)Boys: 69 Girls: 52
Scoil Naisiunta Rath Dubh
Scoil Naisiunta RATH DUBH
Grenagh Co Cork (021 4886388)Boys: 120 Girls: 98
Convent Girls School Of Mercy, Kanturk - Amalgamated
Convent Girls School of Mercy, Kanturk - Amalgamated
Kanturk Co Cork (Amalgamated)Boys: 41 Girls: 167
Scoil Naomh Eoin Baiste
Kilbrin Kanturk Co Cork (022 48164)Boys: 38 Girls: 28
Sn Cill Dairbhre
Kildorrery Co Cork (022 25602)Boys: 107 Girls: 88
Curraghagalla National School
Kilworth Co Cork (025 27449)Boys: 11 Girls: 12
St. Martins Senior National SchoolKilworth Co Cork (Amalgamated)105
Kilworth Junior National SchoolKilworth Co Cork (Amalgamated)
Scoil Mhairtin
Scoil Mhairtin
Kilworth (025-27446 )Boys: 152 Girls: 140
Scoil Aonghusa Mallow Community National School
Scoil Aonghusa Mallow Community National School
Kingsfort Avenue, Castlepark, Mallow, Co. Cork. (022-55314)Boys: 113 Girls: 74
Scoil Naisiunta Fhursa
Scoil Naisiunta FHURSA
Ladhar Banteer Co Cork (029 58384)Boys: 42 Girls: 27
Liscarroll National School
LISCARROLL National School
Liscarroll, Mallow, Co Cork (022 48491)Boys: 89 Girls: 89
Gael Scoil Thomais Daibhis
Magh Ealla Co Chorcai (022 42709)Boys: 213 Girls: 203
Scoil Naisiunta Cuilinn Ui Caoimh
Mala Co Chorcai (029 79201)Boys: 37 Girls: 29
Scoil Naisiunta Iosagain
Scoil Naisiunta IOSAGAIN
Mala Co Cork (022 42766)Boys: 90 Girls: 55
Scoil Ghobnatan
Mallow Co Cork (022 22192)Boys: 271 Girls: 252
St Patrick's National School, Mallow
St Patrick's National School, Mallow
Mallow Co Cork (022 22368)Boys: 240
Rathain National Schol
Rathain National Schol
Mallow Co Cork (022 22901)Boys: 46 Girls: 56
Shanballymor National School
Shanballymor National school
Mallow Co Cork (022 25611)Boys: 36 Girls: 28
Killavullen National SchoolMallow Co Cork (022 26368)Boys: 64 Girls: 65
Ballyclough Mixed National School
Mallow Co Cork (022 27857)Boys: 54 Girls: 61
Scoil Naisiunta Ath Na Lionta
Scoil Naisiunta ATH NA LIONTA
Mallow Co Cork (022 29277)Boys: 47 Girls: 41
Burnfort National SchoolMallow Co Cork (022 29438)Boys: 52 Girls: 57
Mallow Con National SchoolMallow Co Cork (022 42211)Boys: 13 Girls: 239
Baltydaniel National School
BALTYDANIEL National School
Mallow Co Cork (022 42646)Boys: 110 Girls: 100
Scoil Naisiunta Dhrom Athain
Scoil Naisiunta DHROM ATHAIN
Mallow Co Cork (022 43573)Boys: 117 Girls: 112
Ballydesmond National School
Ballydesmond National School
Mallow Co Cork (064 7751351)Boys: 49 Girls: 52
Meelin National SchoolMeelin, Newmarket Co Cork (029 68103)Boys: 29 Girls: 27
Scoil Naomh Pádraig
Scoil Naomh Pádraig
Mill Road, Kanturk, Co. Cork (029- 72016)Boys: 155 Girls: 181
Scoil Naisiunta Mhuire B
Scoil Naisiunta MHUIRE B
Millstreet Co Cork (029 70776)Boys: 99
Cloghoola Mixed National SchoolMillstreet Co Cork (029 70432)Boys: 8 Girls: 4
Millstreet Convent National SchoolMillstreet Co Cork (029 70957)Boys: 64 Girls: 183
Scoil Naisiunta Gleann Na Huladh
Scoil Naisiunta GLEANN NA HULADH
Mitchelstown Co Cork (02225476)Boys: 49 Girls: 39
Bunscoil Na Toirbhirte
Bunscoil Na Toirbhirte
Mitchelstown Co Cork (025 24264)Boys: 52 Girls: 243
C.B.S Primary Mitchelstown
C.B.S Primary Mitchelstown
Mitchelstown Co Cork (025 24505)Boys: 214
Ballygiblinn National SchoolMitchelstown Co Cork (025 24933)Boys: 57 Girls: 62
Ballindangan Mixed National School
Mitchelstown Co Cork (025 84654)Boys: 16 Girls: 18
Lismire SchoolNewmarket Co Cork (029 60531)Boys: 27 Girls: 25
Newmarket Boys National SchoolNewmarket Co Cork (029 60956)Boys: 94
St. Colman's B.N.S. Kanturk - Amalgamated
St. Colman's B.N.S. Kanturk - Amalgamated
Percival St., Kanturk, Co Cork (Amalgamated)Boys: 98
Scoil Naisiunta Breandan NaofaRathcool Mallow Co Cork (029 58410)Boys: 36 Girls: 50
Kilcorney Mixed National School
Rathcoole Mallow Co Cork (029 58380)Boys: 13 Girls: 22
Freemount Mixed National SchoolRathluirc Co Cork (022 28834)Boys: 41 Girls: 50
Seandroma Boys National School
SEANDROMA Boys National School
Rathluirc Co Cork (063 70236)Boys: 85 Girls: 62
Druimne National SchoolRathluirc Co Cork (063 70268)Boys: 33 Girls: 28
Scoile Muire, Milford, CharlevilleRathluirc Co Cork (063 80210)Boys: 43 Girls: 39
Tullaslease Mixed National School
Rathluirc Co Cork (063 83205)Boys: 11 Girls: 16
St Josephs Convent National SchoolRathluirc Co Cork (063 89467)Boys: 102 Girls: 105
Scoil Na MbraithreRathluirc Co Cork (063 89544)Boys: 191
Rathduane National SchoolRathmore Mallow Co Cork (CLOSED)Boys: 5 Girls: 3
Rockchapel National School
ROCKCHAPEL National School
Rockchapel Mallow Co Cork (029 69129)Boys: 16 Girls: 15
Mallow No 1 National SchoolShortcastle Mallow Co Cork (Closed Aug '14)Boys: 34 Girls: 25
St Patricks Boys National SchoolSkibbereen Co Cork (02821948)Boys: 232 Girls: 1