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Find Primary Schools in Ireland - Primary Cork West County

Details for Primary schools and links to the Assessments from the Department of Education.

Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records.
Schools are sorted here by address (some addresses are also in Irish).

NameAddress Enrolment
Adrigole National School
ADRIGOLE National School
Adrigole Bantry Co Cork (027 60118)Boys: 8 Girls: 17
Aghbullogue National School
Aghbullogue National School
Aghabullogue, Co Cork (021 7334727)Boys: 60 Girls: 46
Scoil Naisiunta An Droma Mhoir
Scoil Naisiunta AN DROMA MHOIR
Aghaville Bantry Co Cork (028 31541)Boys: 42 Girls: 31
Gaelscoil Chionn TsaileAn Ceapach, Cionn Tsáile, Co. Chorcaí. (021 4773731)Boys: 82 Girls: 71
Gaelscoil Dhochtúir Uí Shúilleabháin
Gaelscoil Dhochtúir Uí Shúilleabháin
An Sciobairin Co Chorcai (028 21192)Boys: 34 Girls: 41
Ballincarriga Mxd National School
Ballinacarriga Mxd Dunmanway Co Cork (023 8845944)Boys: 49 Girls: 53
Ballinadee National School
BALLINADEE National School
Ballinadee, Bandon, Co Cork (021 4778554)Boys: 51 Girls: 54
Mhichil Naofa
Ballinakilla Bere Island Bantry Co Cork (027 75094)Boys: 8 Girls: 11
Ballymoney National School
Ballymoney National School
Ballineen Co Cork (023 8847583)Boys: 11 Girls: 14
Scoil Bhride
Ballydehob Co Cork (028 37161)Boys: 36 Girls: 53
Rathmore National School
RATHMORE National School
Baltimore Skibbereen Co Cork (028 20135)Boys: 60 Girls: 61
Sn Droichead Na Bandan
Bandon Co Cork (023 8841798)Boys: 96 Girls: 106
Bandon Boys National School
BANDON BOYS National School
Bandon Co Cork (023 8844708)Boys: 182 Girls: 4
Presentation Convent
Bandon Co Cork (023 8841809)Girls: 196
Timoleague National School
TIMOLEAGUE National School
Bandon Co Cork (023 8846550)Boys: 81 Girls: 86
St Finbarr's Boys National School
St Finbarr's BOYS National School
Bantry Co Cork (027 50477)Boys: 129
Our Lady Of Mercy
Our Lady of Mercy
Bantry Co Cork (027 50590)Boys: 58 Girls: 157
Dromclough National School
DRoMCLOUGH National School
Bantry Co Cork (027 50868)Boys: 14 Girls: 19
St Brendans National School
ST Brendans National School
Bantry Co Cork (027 51126)Boys: 23 Girls: 9
Coomhola National School
COOMHOLA National School
Bantry Co Cork (027 51173)Boys: 44 Girls: 48
Trafrask Mixed National School
TRAFRASK MIXED National School
Bantry Co Cork (027 60201)Boys: 11 Girls: 12
Derrycreha National School
DERRYCREHA National School
Bantry Co Cork (027 63143)Boys: 16 Girls: 16
Kealkil National School
KEALKIL National School
Bantry Co Cork (027 66298)Boys: 98 Girls: 99
Inchiclough National SchoolBantry Co Cork (Closed Sept 2013)Boys: 5 Girls: 8
Scoil Fionnbarra
Beal Atha Ghaorthaidh Co Chorcai (026 47133)Boys: 50 Girls: 40
Bealad National SchoolBealad Rossmore Clonakilty Co Cork (CLOSED)28
Gaelscoil BheanntraiBeanntrai, Co. Chorcai (027 51966)Boys: 71 Girls: 61
Scoil Naisiunta Bhiorainn
Scoil Naisiunta BHIORAINN
Berrings Co Cork (021 7332101)Boys: 113 Girls: 81
Caheragh National School
CAHERAGH National School
Caheragh Co Cork (028 31647)Boys: 31 Girls: 27
Cahermore New Central S
Cahermore Co Cork (027 73269)Boys: 20 Girls: 24
Castledonovan National School
Castledonovan National School
Caislean Ui Dhonnabhain Drimoleague Co Cork (028 31844)Boys: 6 Girls: 10
Cappabue National School
Cappabue National School
Cappaboy Kealkil Bantry Co Cork (027 66256)Boys: 11 Girls: 13
Scoil Abán Naofa Baile An Mhuirne
Scoil Abán Naofa Baile an Mhuirne
Carrig An Adhmaid Maigh Chromtha Co Chorcai (026 45407)Boys: 71 Girls: 76
Canovee Mixed National School
CANOVEE MIXED National School
Carrigadrohid Co Cork (026 48142)Boys: 73 Girls: 74
Scoil An Croi Ro Naofa
Castletownbere Co Cork. (027 70788)Boys: 113 Girls: 80
Castletownshend National School
Castletownshend National School
Castletownshend, Skibbereen Co Cork (028 36392)Boys: 49 Girls: 51
Aghina National School
AGHINA National School
Caum Macroom Co Cork. (CLOSED)Boys: 4 Girls: 6
Castlealack National School
CASTLEALACK National School
Chaislean Na Leacht Bandon Co Cork (023 8843786)Boys: 28 Girls: 26
St Matthias National School
ST MATTHIAS National School
Church Road Ballydehob Co Cork (028 37500)Boys: 13 Girls: 17
Scoil Lachtain Naofa
Cill Na Martra Co Chorcai (026 40000)Boys: 37 Girls: 42
Gaelscoil Dhroichead Na Banndan
Cloch Mhic Shíomoin, Droichead Na Banndan, Co Chorcai (023 8843378)Boys: 90 Girls: 80
Scoil Naisiunta Clogach
Scoil Naisiunta CLOGACH
Cloglach Timoleague Co Cork (023 8839225)Boys: 32 Girls: 22
Scoil Na Mbuachaillí
Cloich Na Coillte Co Chorcai. (023 8834487)Boys: 253 Girls: 1
Knockskeagh National Schol
Knockskeagh National Schol
Clonakilty Co Chorcai (023 8838070)Boys: 103 Girls: 108
Darrara National School
Darrara National School
Clonakilty Co Cork (023 8834160)Boys: 11 Girls: 11
Kilgariffe National School
KILGARIFFE National School
Clonakilty Co Cork (023 8834965)Boys: 24 Girls: 27
Lisavaird Mxd National School
LISAVAIRD MXD National School
Clonakilty Co Cork (023 8834987)Boys: 42 Girls: 25
Rathbarry National SchoolClonakilty Co Cork (023 8840651)Boys: 24 Girls: 15
Scoil Naisiunta An Aird
Scoil Naisiunta AN AIRD
Clonakilty Co Cork (023 8840860)Boys: 55 Girls: 56
Clondrohid National School
CLONDROHID National School
Clondrohid Co Cork (026 61800 )Boys: 145 Girls: 120
Cloughduv National School
Cloughduv National School
Cloughduv Crookstown Co Cork. (021 7336548)Boys: 64 Girls: 77
Coachford National School
COACHFORD National School
Coachford Co Cork (021 7334542)Boys: 71 Girls: 76
Rusheen National School
RUSHEEN National School
Coachford Co Cork (026 42733)Boys: 40 Girls: 35
Ballyvongane Mixed National School
Coachford, Co Cork (026 48188)Boys: 16 Girls: 8
St Joseph's Gns
St Joseph's GNS
Convent Road< Clonakilty Co Cork (023 8833050)Girls: 210
Scoil Bhride
Cros Mhathuna Bandon Co Cork (023 8844266)Boys: 100 Girls: 96
Scoil Chuil Aodha Barr D InseCuil - Aodha Maghcromtha Co Chorcaigh (026 45342)Boys: 30 Girls: 33
Scoil Naisiunta Cuil AodhaCuil Aodha Maigh Chromtha Co Chorcai29
Dromdhallagh National SchoolDrimoleague Co Cork (028 31854)Boys: 28 Girls: 35
Drimoleague Junior Sch
Drimoleague Co Cork (028 31101)Boys: 24 Girls: 24
Derryclough National SchoolDrinagh Dunmanway Co Cork (028 30328)Boys: 5 Girls: 4
Dripsey National SchoolDripsey Co Cork (021 7334415)Boys: 48 Girls: 45
Derrinacahara National School
Dunmanway Co Cork (023 8855337)Boys: 40 Girls: 40
Dunmanway Model National SchoolDunmanway Co Cork (023 8845034)Boys: 55 Girls: 43
Dunmanway Convent National SchoolDunmanway Co Cork (023 8845108)Boys: 4 Girls: 96
Dunmanway Boys National SchoolDunmanway Co Cork (023 8845458)Boys: 87
Togher National School
TOGHER National School
Dunmanway Co Cork (023 8855322)Boys: 13 Girls: 15
Dunmanway Convent Infants National SchoolDunmanway Co Cork (023 8856820)Boys: 56 Girls: 48
Drinagh Mixed National SchoolDunmanway Co Cork (028 30389)Boys: 36 Girls: 36
Rusnacahara National SchoolDurrns Bantry Co Cork (027 67286)Boys: 13 Girls: 12
Carrigboy National School
CARRIGBOY National School
Durrus Bantry Co Cork (027 61399)Boys: 51 Girls: 39
Kilcrohane National SchoolDurrus Bantry Co Cork (027 67285)Boys: 16 Girls: 15
St James National School DurrusDurrus Co Cork (027 61330)Boys: 9 Girls: 9
Kilcolman National School
KILCOLMAN National School
Enniskean Co Cork (023 8839460)Boys: 19 Girls: 19
Scoil Naisiunta Achadh Eochaille
Enniskean Co Cork (023 8839477)Boys: 41 Girls: 33
St Marys Central School
Enniskeane Co Cork (023 8847695)Boys: 103 Girls: 109
Coppeen National School
Coppeen National School
Enniskeane Co Chorcai (023 8847089)Boys: 42 Girls: 65
Desertserges National School - Closed
DESERTSERGES National School - Closed
Enniskeane Co Cork SCHOOL CLOSED
Urhan National School
Urhan National School
Eyeries Bantry Co Cork (027 74418)Boys: 12 Girls: 9
Glandore National School
Glandore National School
Glandore Co Cork (028 33796)Boys: 46 Girls: 32
Sn Fhiachna
Gleann Garbh Co Chorcai (027 63596 )Boys: 34 Girls: 34
Lisgriffin National School Closed Down Aug 18
LISGRIFFIN National School Closed Down Aug 18
Goleen Skibbereen Co CorkClosed Aug 18
Goleen National School
Goleen National School
Goleen, Co. Cork (028 35660)Boys: 11 Girls: 22
Gurrane National School
Gurrane National School
Gurrane, Crossbarry, Inishannon, Co Cork (021 7331481)Boys: 24 Girls: 28
Inchigeela National SchoolInchigeela Co Cork (026 49197)Boys: 30 Girls: 29
Scoil Eoin
Scoil Eoin
Inis Eonain Co Chorcai (021 4775457)Boys: 146 Girls: 152
Kilbrittain Mixed National School
Kilbrittain Co Cork (023 8849890)Boys: 106 Girls: 113
Scoil Naisiunta Garran An Easaigh
Killbrittain Co Cork (023 8849700)Boys: 32 Girls: 25
St Endas National School
ST ENDAS National School
Kilnadur Dunmanway Co Cork (023 8855051)Boys: 14 Girls: 14
St Multose National School
St Multose National School
Kinsale Co Cork (021 4774106)Boys: 29 Girls: 35
Scoil Naomh Eltin
Scoil Naomh Eltin
Kinsale Co Cork (021 4774040)Boys: 200 Girls: 199
Kilbonane National School
Kilbonane National School
Knocknahilan Co Chorcai (021 7331730)Boys: 53 Girls: 45
Scoil Naomh Seosamh
Scoil Naomh Seosamh
Laragh Bandon Co Cork (023 8843313)Boys: 94 Girls: 98
Leap National School
Leap National School
Leap Co Cork (087 9417522 )Boys: 23 Girls: 22
Maulatrahane Central National School
Leap Skibbereen Co Cork (028 33827)Boys: 11 Girls: 23
Killmurry National School
Killmurry National School
Lisardagh Co Cork (021 7336324)Boys: 93 Girls: 75
Barryroe National School
BARRYROE National School
Lislevane Bandon Co Cork (023 8840381)Boys: 75 Girls: 91
Macroom Boys National School
MACROOM Boys National School
Macroom Co Cork (026 42705)Boys: 189 Girls: 7
Dromleigh National School
DROMLEIGH National School
Macroom Co Cork (026 46212)Boys: 20 Girls: 21
St. Joseph's Primary SchoolMacroom Co Cork (026 41847)Boys: 80 Girls: 237
Ballinagree Mxd National School
Macroom Co Cork (026 42466)Boys: 30 Girls: 30
Scoil Naisiunta Na Mona Fliche
Scoil Naisiunta NA MONA FLICHE
Macroom Co Cork (026 44077)Boys: 26 Girls: 20
Carrig An Ima National School
Carrig An Ima National School
Macroom Co Cork (026 44107)Boys: 9 Girls: 9
Tirelton National School Mxd
TIRELTON National School MXD
Macroom Co Cork (026 46362)Boys: 33 Girls: 43
Kilbarry National School
KILBARRY National School
Macroom Co Cork (026 49203)Boys: 25 Girls: 15
Scoil Naisunta Barr D'inseMaghcromtha, Co Chorcai (026 45499)8
Scoil Chaitigheirn
Na Haorai Beanntrai Co Chorcai (027 74053)Boys: 40 Girls: 30
Newcestown National School
NEWCESTOWN National School
Newcestown Bandon Co Cork (021 7338158)Boys: 119 Girls: 101
Scoil Naisiunta CleireOilean Chleire An Sciobairin Co Chorcai (028 39171)Boys: 4
Ovens National School
Ovens National School
Ovens Co Cork (021 4872531)Boys: 226 Girls: 210
Scoil Naisiunta Réidh Na N Doirí
Scoil Naisiunta Réidh na n Doirí
Rae Na Ndoiri Maigh Chromtha Co Chorcai (026 45441)Boys: 8 Girls: 11
Scoil Naisiunta Re Na Scrine
Scoil Naisiunta RE NA SCRINE
Roscarbery Co Cork (023 8848000)Boys: 26 Girls: 18
St. Mary's Primary SchoolRoscarbery Co Cork (023 8848023)Boys: 36 Girls: 75
Ardagh Boys National School
ARDAGH BOYS National School
Roscarbery Co Cork (023 8848777)Boys: 53
Kilmeen National School
Kilmeen National School
Rossmore, Clonakilty, Co. Cork (023 8838795)Boys: 61 Girls: 62
Scoil Mhuire National School
SCOIL MHUIRE National School
Schull Co Cork (028 28400)Boys: 92 Girls: 67
Sherkin Island (School Closed)Sherkin Island, Baltimore Co Cork Boys: 1 Girls: 1
St Patrick Boys Senior SchoolSkibbereen Co Cork (028 21948)Boys: 117
St Patrick Boys Junior SchoolSkibbereen Co Cork (028 21948)Boys: 88
Dreeny National School
Dreeny National School
Skibbereen Co Cork (028 22683)Boys: 10 Girls: 14
Abbeystrewry National School
ABBEYSTREWRY National School
Skibbereen Co Cork (028 21261)Boys: 51 Girls: 84
St. Joseph's G.N.S.
St. Joseph's G.N.S.
Skibbereen Co Cork (028 21804)Boys: 2 Girls: 189
Kilcoe National School
KILCOE National School
Skibbereen Co Cork (028 38233)Boys: 11 Girls: 13
Lisheen Mixed National School
LISHEEN MIXED National School
Skibbereen Co Cork (028 38481)Boys: 35 Girls: 25
Gaelscoil Chloich Na Coillte
Sraid Na Scoile Cloich Na Coillte Co Chorcai. (023 8834882)Boys: 185 Girls: 201
Sn Bhride National School
SN Bhride National School
Union Hall Co Cork (028 33717)Boys: 40 Girls: 36
Scoil Naisiunta Cnoc An Bhile
Scoil Naisiunta CNOC AN BHILE
Upton Co Cork (021 4775662)Boys: 72 Girls: 65