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Find Primary Schools in Ireland - Primary Galway West County

Details for Primary schools and links to the Assessments from the Department of Education.

Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records.
Schools are sorted here by address (some addresses are also in Irish).

NameAddress Enrolment
Scoil Naisiunta Ard
Scoil Naisiunta ARD
Aird Thiar Carna Co Na Gaillimhe (095 32806)Boys: 13 Girls: 25
Scoil Mhic Dara
An Ceathru Rua Co Na Gaillimhe (091 595395)Boys: 123 Girls: 114
Scoil Speisialta Tigh Nan Dooley
Scoil Speisialta Tigh Nan Dooley
An Cheathru, Co Na Gaillimhe (091 595129)Boys: 4 Girls: 8
Scoil BhriocainAn Gort Mor Rosmuc Co Na Gaillimhe (091 574303)Boys: 22 Girls: 13
Scoil Einne
An Spideal Co Na Gaillimhe (091 504970)Boys: 104 Girls: 107
Scoil Naisiunta Na BhforbachaAn Spideal Co Na Gaillimhe (091 592244)Boys: 91 Girls: 86
Scoil Mhuire
An Tuairin Beal An Daingin Co Na Gaillimhe (091 595330)Boys: 38 Girls: 47
Scoil Naisiunta Inis MeainArainn Co Na Gaillimhe (099 73064)Boys: 7 Girls: 5
Scoil Naisiunta RonainArainn Co Na Gaillimhe (099 61310)Boys: 17 Girls: 26
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh Antoine
Scoil Naisiunta NAOMH ANTOINE
Baile Chonraoi An Clochan Co Na Gaillimhe (095 22124)Boys: 15 Girls: 8
Sn An Aill Bhreach
Baile Conaola Connamara Co Na Gaillimhe (095 23988)Boys: 22 Girls: 19
Scoil Naisiunta Choilm ChilleBaile Na Habhann Co Na Gaillimhe (091 593613)Boys: 69 Girls: 40
Barna Primary School
Barna Primary School
Bearna Co Na Gaillimhe (091 592575)Boys: 145 Girls: 147
Saint Theresa's National SchoolCaiseal Co Na Gaillimhe (095 31126)Boys: 18 Girls: 18
Scoil Naisiunta Leitir Mucu
Scoil Naisiunta LEITIR MUCU
Camas Co Na Gaillimhe (091 572523)Boys: 4 Girls: 3
Scoil Naisiunta Muire Gan Smal
Scoil Naisiunta MUIRE GAN SMAL
Camas Co Na Gaillimhe (091 574366)Boys: 13 Girls: 12
Scoil Naisiunta MhuireCarna Co Na Gaillimhe (095 32820)Boys: 25 Girls: 26
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh Colmain
Scoil Naisiunta NAOMH COLMAIN
Carna Co Na Gaillimhe (095 32818)Boys: 14 Girls: 11
Scoil Naisiunta An Ard MhoirCarna Conamara Co Na Gaillimhe (095 33602)Boys: 17 Girls: 7
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh Ciarain
Scoil Naisiunta NAOMH CIARAIN
Cill Chiarain Conamara Co Na Gaillimhe (095 33613)Boys: 12 Girls: 23
Scoil Naisiunta Muire Gan SmalCladach Dubh Co Na Gaillimhe (095 44334)Boys: 19 Girls: 8
Scoil Naisiunta Na Naomh Uile
Scoil Naisiunta NA NAOMH UILE
Cleggan Co Galway (095 44808)Boys: 4 Girls: 12
Scoil MhuireClifden Co Galway (095 21353)Boys: 109 Girls: 109
Ballyconneely National School
Clifden Co Galway (095 23945)Boys: 16 Girls: 11
Scoil MhuireDoire Glinne Cross Bhothar Mhama Co Na Gaillimhe (091 552810)Boys: 16 Girls: 11
Sn Sailearna
Indreabhan Co Na Gaillimhe (091 593321)Boys: 99 Girls: 93
Scoil Naisiunta Eoin Pol IiInis Mor Arainn Co Na Gaillimhe (09961266)Boys: 12 Girls: 8
Scoil Naisiunta CaomhainInis Oirthir Arainn Gaillimh (099 75102)Boys: 11 Girls: 18
Inishbofin National School
INISHBOFIN National School
Inishbofin Co Galway (095 45880)Boys: 9 Girls: 3
Leenane National SchoolLeenane Co Galway (095 42366)Boys: 8 Girls: 9
Scoil Bhríde Leitircalaidh
Scoil Bhríde Leitircalaidh
Leitir Caladh Lettermore Co Galway (091 551020)Boys: 12 Girls: 7
Oilean An ChnoicLeitir Mealain Co Na Gaillimhe (Closed June 06)
Scoil Naisiunta Leitir Meallain
Leitir Meallain Co Na Gaillimhe (091 551374)Boys: 18 Girls: 14
Scoil Naisiunta Tir An Fhia
Scoil Naisiunta Tir An Fhia
Leitir Mor Co Na Gaillimhe (091 551415)Boys: 27 Girls: 42
Sn Oilean DroimLeitir Mor Co Na Gaillimhe (Amalgamated)10
Scoil Naisiunta Leitirgeis
Scoil Naisiunta LEITIRGEIS
Leitirgeis N S Rinn An Mhaoil Co Na Gaillimhe (095 43900)Boys: 18 Girls: 13
Scoil Naisiunta MuireLetterfrack Co Galway (095 41034)Boys: 32 Girls: 54
Scoil Naisiunta Colmcille
Scoil Naisiunta COLMCILLE
Lettermore Co Galway (091 551241)Boys: 12 Girls: 15
Scoil Naisiunta Baile NuaMaigh Chuilinn Co Na Gaillimhe (091 555040)Boys: 43 Girls: 45
Scoil Mhuire
Maigh Cuilinn Co Na Gaillimhe (091 555454)Boys: 208 Girls: 181
Sn Tullach Ui Chadhain
Maigh Cuilinn Co Na Gaillimhe (091 555601)Boys: 32 Girls: 40
Sn Tuairini
Maigh Cuillin Co Na Gaillimhe (091 555650)Boys: 43 Girls: 44
Sn Naomh BrideMuighros Carna Co Na Gaillimhe (Closed)5
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh Brid
Scoil Naisiunta NAOMH BRID
Nead An Iolraidh Renvyle Co Galway (095 43642)Boys: 22 Girls: 25
Scoil Ronain
Oilean Tra Bhan Leitir Mor Gaillimh (091 551345)Boys: 13 Girls: 15
Chuimin Boys National SchoolOughterard Co Galway (Amalgamated)Amalgamated
Scoil Náisiúnta Uachtar Árd
Scoil Náisiúnta Uachtar Árd
Oughterard, GalwayBoys: 110 Girls: 120
Scoil Naisiunta Coilm Cille
Scoil Naisiunta COILM CILLE
Ros-A-Mhil Baile Na Habhann Co Na Gaillimhe (091 572039)Boys: 34 Girls: 20
Colnamuck National School
Colnamuck National School
Ros Cathail Co Na Gaillimhe (091 550009)Boys: 34 Girls: 22
Ainbhthin Naofa
Rosscahill Co Galway (091 550316)Boys: 119 Girls: 113
Scoil Naisiunta Eanna
Scoil Naisiunta EANNA
Roundstone Co Galway (091 35072)Boys: 14 Girls: 11
Scoil BhrideSn Tir Na Cille An Mam Co Na Gaillimhe (091 571168)Boys: 21 Girls: 17
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh Padraig
Scoil Naisiunta NAOMH PADRAIG
Tully Renvyle Co Galway (095 43627)Boys: 17 Girls: 9
Scoil Naisiunta Mhuire
Scoil Naisiunta MHUIRE
Turlach Beag Rosmuc Co Na Gaillimhe (091 574312)Boys: 9 Girls: 19
Clochar Uachtar ArdUachtar Ard Co Na Gaillimhe (Closed)Amalgamated