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Find Primary Schools in Ireland - Primary Offaly

Details for Primary schools and links to the Assessments from the Department of Education.

Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records.
Schools are sorted here by address (some addresses are also in Irish).

NameAddress Enrolment
Scoil Bhride
An Cruachan An Tulach Mor Co Ua Bhfailghe (0469737465)Boys: 38 Girls: 40
Scoil Charthaigh NaofaAn Raithean Tullamore Co Offaly (amalgamated)85
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh Eoin
Scoil Naisiunta NAOMH EOIN
An Rath Birr Co Offaly (057 9133011)Boys: 71 Girls: 75
Scoil Naisiunta Mhuire Naofa
Scoil Naisiunta MHUIRE NAOFA
An Rod Co Offaly (046 9737456)Boys: 48 Girls: 70
St Joseph's National School
St Joseph's National School
Arden View Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9341121)Boys: 208 Girls: 189
Scoil Eoin Phóil I I Naofa
Scoil Eoin Phóil I I Naofa
Arden View Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9351894)Boys: 202
Scoil Naisiunta Peadar Agus PolArdnurcher, Horseleap, Moate Co Offaly (057 9335282)Boys: 12 Girls: 10
Scoil Naisiunta Phadraig
Scoil Naisiunta PHADRAIG
Baile Bhriain Fahy Co Offaly (0469737365)Boys: 65 Girls: 60
Scoil Naisiunta BhrideBaile Bui Kilcormac Co Offaly (057 9135055)Boys: 60 Girls: 49
Scoil Naisiunta Roscomroe
Scoil Naisiunta ROSCOMROE
Ballybrit Roscrea Co Tipperary (057 9131060)Boys: 11 Girls: 14
St Ciarans Mixed National School
ST CIARAns MIXED National School
Ballycumber Co Offaly (057 9336351)Boys: 71 Girls: 58
Ballinamere National School
Ballinamere National School
Ballykilmurry Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9341687)Boys: 104 Girls: 106
St Rynaghs National School
ST RYNAGHS National School
Banagher Co Offaly (057 9151419)Boys: 120 Girls: 120
St Cronans Mixed National SchoolBanagher Co Offaly (057 9151834)Boys: 21 Girls: 34
Ballinagar National School
BALLINAGAR National School
Beal Atha Na Gcarr Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9343615)Boys: 103 Girls: 77
High St Mixed National SchoolBelmont Birr Co Offaly (0906457246)Boys: 32 Girls: 39
Mercy Primary School
Birr Co Offaly (057 9120259)Girls: 132
Scoil Naisiunta OsmannBirr Co Offaly (057 9120706)Boys: 37 Girls: 46
St Brendans Monastery
Birr Co Offaly (057 9121033)Boys: 178
St Broghans National SchoolBrackna Rathangan Co Kildare (057 8629047)Boys: 43 Girls: 41
Scoil Naisiunta Chiarain Naofa
Scoil Naisiunta CHIARAIN NAOFA
Breach Choill Kilcormac Birr Co Offaly (057 9135072)Boys: 10 Girls: 9
Coolderry Central SchoolBrosna Birr Co Offaly (057 9131152)Boys: 42 Girls: 47
Cappagh National School
CAPPAGH National School
Cappagh Croghan Tullamore Co Offaly (0449 223452)Boys: 65 Girls: 43
Scoil Bhríde Primary School
Carrick Road Edenderry Co Offaly (046 9773451)Boys: 293 Girls: 260
Ceann Eitigh National School
CEANN EITIGH National School
Ceann Eitigh Birr Co Offaly (057 9137052)Boys: 53 Girls: 74
Charleville National School
CHARLEVILLE National School
Church View Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9341581)Boys: 61 Girls: 58
Scoil Bhríde (Formerly Clara Convent)
Scoil Bhríde (formerly Clara Convent)
Clara Co Offaly (057 9331483)Girls: 197
Scoil Phronsiais Naofa
Clarach Co Ua Bhfailghe (057 9331383)Boys: 193
St Kierans National School
ST KIERAns National School
Clareen Birr Co Offaly (057 9131158 )Boys: 41 Girls: 28
St Marys National School
Cloghan Birr Co Offaly (0906 457421)Boys: 49 Girls: 55
Clonbullogue National School
CLONBULLOGUE National School
Clonbullogue Co Offaly (0469730123)Boys: 46 Girls: 38
Cloneygowan National SchoolCloneygowan, Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9343594)Boys: 70 Girls: 72
Cloneyhurke National School
CLONEYHURKE National School
Cloneyhurke Portarlington Co Offaly (057 8623271)Boys: 26 Girls: 12
Scoil Naisiunta Chiarain NaofaClonmacnois Ns Shannonbridge Co Offaly (090 9674150)Boys: 49 Girls: 32
Gaelscoil An Eiscir Riada
Cluain Calga An Tulach Mhor Co Uibh Fhaili (0579352058)Boys: 88 Girls: 110
Scoil Naisiunta Caoimhin Naofa
Scoil Naisiunta CAOIMHIN NAOFA
Cluain Lisc Shinrone Co Offaly (0505 47421)Boys: 28 Girls: 37
Tullamore Educate Together National School
Collins Lane Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9361190)Boys: 106 Girls: 107
Crinkhill National SchoolCroinchill Birr Co Offaly (057 9120803)Boys: 110 Girls: 132
Scoil Naisiunta Mhuire
Scoil Naisiunta MHUIRE
Cul An Airne Blue Ball Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9354934)Boys: 31 Girls: 33
Daingean National School
DAINGEAN National School
Daingean Co Offaly (057 9353337)Boys: 131 Girls: 131
Durrow National School
DURROW National School
Durrow Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9332433)Boys: 95 Girls: 110
Edenderry Boys National School
Edenderry Boys National School
Edenderry Co Offaly (046-9731478)Boys: 143 Girls: 38
Edenderry 2 National School
EDENDERRY 2 National School
Edenderry Co Offaly (0469732231)Boys: 29 Girls: 26
Saint Cynoc's National School
SAINT CYNOC'S National School
Ferbane Co OffalyBoys: 99 Girls: 83
Scoil Mhuire CailiniFerbane Co Offaly (Amalgamated Sept '07)97
Scoil Naisiunta Muire BuachailliFerbane Co Offaly (Amalgamated Sept '07)83
Geashill National School
GEASHILL National School
Geashill Co Offaly (057 9343754)Boys: 61 Girls: 67
S National Schooleosamh
S National SchoolEOSAMH
Gortnamona Blueball Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9354960)Boys: 60 Girls: 31
Offaly School Of Special EducationHigh Street Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9320537 )Boys: 27 Girls: 15
Walsh Island National School
Walsh Island National School
Inis Na Mbreathnach Geisill Co Offaly (057 8649686)Boys: 42 Girls: 49
St Cormacs National SchoolKilcormac Co Offaly (Amalgamated Sept '11)Boys: 25
Kilcormac Convent National SchoolKilcormac Co Offaly (Amalgamated Sept '11)Boys: 17 Girls: 39
Scoil Mhuire Agus Chormaic
Scoil Mhuire agus Chormaic
Kilcormac, Co. OffalyBoys: 62 Girls: 48
Gaelscoil Eadan Doire
Gaelscoil Eadan Doire
Killane, Edenderry (046 9773322)Boys: 45 Girls: 51
Killeen National SchoolKilleen, Birr Co Offaly (057 9121682)Boys: 64 Girls: 44
Killeigh National School
Killeigh National School
Killeigh Tullamore Co Offaly ( 057 9344349)Boys: 124 Girls: 152
Scoil Naomh SeosamhKillina, Rahan Tullamore Co Offaly (amalgamated)66
Lumcloon National School
Lumcloon National School
Lumcloon, Cloghan,Birr Co Offally (057 9345224)Boys: 19 Girls: 13
Mount Bolus National SchoolMount Bolus Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9354946)Boys: 11 Girls: 14
Scoil Colmain Naofa
Muclach Screagain An Tulach Mhor Co Uibh Fhaili (057 9341244)Boys: 155 Girls: 143
St Josephs National SchoolMuine Ghall Birr Co Offaly (0505 45286)Boys: 51 Girls: 49
St. Patrick's National School Portarlington
St. Patrick's National School Portarlington
Patrick Street, Portarlington, Co. Offaly (057 8623394)Boys: 569
Scoil Naisiunta Muire Naofa
Scoil Naisiunta MUIRE NAOFA
Pollach Rahan Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9355642)Boys: 41 Girls: 37
Rahan National School
Rahan National School
Rahan, Tullamore, Co. Offaly (057 9355393)Boys: 97 Girls: 71
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh Callin
Scoil Naisiunta NAOMH CALLIN
Ros Sionnaigh Ballinahown Athlone Co Offaly (0906 454336)Boys: 29 Girls: 37
Gaelscoil Na LaochraSandymount Haven, Sandymount, Birr, Co. Offaly (0874394549)Boys: 16 Girls: 19
Dunkerrin National School
Dunkerrin National School
Scoil Muire Bainrioghan Dun Chairn Biorra Co Uibh Fhaili (0505 45252)Boys: 37 Girls: 35
Scoil Naisiunta Oilibear PluingceadShannonbridge Athlone Co Offaly (Closed June 07)
Shinrone Mixed National SchoolShinrone Co Offaly (0505 47223)Boys: 59 Girls: 60
St Marys Primary School
St Marys Primary School
St Marys Road Edenderry Co Offaly (046 9731424)Boys: 162 Girls: 236
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh Brighde Buach
Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9321194)Boys: 126
Scoil Mhuire
Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9321222)Boys: 75 Girls: 220
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh Philomena
Tullamore Co Offaly (057 9321983)Girls: 160