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Assumption Secondary School

Phone: 01-4507017

assumption secondary school rollnumber 60851P

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anon Assumption Secondary School          
01/16/2009 09:56 PM - (share to everyone)
I began 1st year in this school in 1992 and i loved it it was a very good school, very well ran, good teachers like Mr, Reid, Mr. Ryan and many more, and was to begin my junior cert when advised my mother to take me out of the school, i was a bit of a messer but by no means a bad kid, i didn´t deserve to be taken away from the school and my friends and thrown into a bunch of strangers at that age, i didn´t take to well to the new school and not before long i ran away from home and became homeless i had children at a very young age and with no education i ended up in run down council estates, i knew i had more to offer myself, so i returned to school got a degree and now i am successful enough and i live in the country with my kids.
Why i am writing this is that it is my worst fear that my kids would be taken away from there teenage friends, the most important time of anyones life is the friends we make and keep in our teens, i lost them all as there was no mobiles or ways of communication, i know my life would be very different if i had stayed in the assumption, i am glad of what i have now, but have been through a hell of a lot that i didnt need to just because my life had took a huge U turn and suddenly i didnt have my comfort any more, i was amongst strangers and bullies.
So i want to share this, that if any child is on the verge of being dismissed from a school that it is looked into very seriously before action is taken, as it has a huge effect on someones life, absolutely huge.
Thank you.

Anon 06/09/2009 12:10 PM -
Hiya, just saw your post, I am a fello student that started there in 1992 too, just wondering if I know you, can´t remember if I heard about that happening to you.

Mary Spain 06/20/2009 09:57 PM -

Was wondering about a teacher that taught Home Econ in Walkinstown when I was there in ´72 to ´79. Ms Ann Nolen is her name. She was great and would love to know if she was still around.


schoolgirl1 09/24/2009 07:51 PM -
Hiya i started first year in this school in 2008 i am in second year now and i love this school it is so fun and there is always lots on like talent contests sports day src (student rep concil) elections and field trips, there is also lots of good teachers like mr ryan, Miss mc manus,miss kegann and miss o sullivan but my favorate teacher is miss dennan the music teacher she is so nice and friendly there is also alot of programs to help students to like spiecal needs class and after school study aimed at exam years but open to all there is 2 hard of hearing girls in my school and they are helped greatly. i would defently reccomend this school to everygirl trying to decide were to go to secondary school. oh and just to answer mary spains question miss nolen is not there ani more it is miss hegerty now well bye ..........

09/25/2010 10:33 PM -
just wondering about a teacher mick marren if he is still there. he taught me geog in 2003. he was great and would like to know if he was still there. he was a very good and a great teacher. is georgina byrne still there. please let me know.

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