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Coralstown Primary School

Phone: 044 9374889

Big is beautiful but small

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01/08/2010 02:10 PM - Feedback-on-this-school

Hi can anyone give me some advice on their experience of large schools versus smaller country schools please? I have 2 children aged 9 and 7 and they´ve never really settled into their very large urban school ( over 400 pupils). I am constantly dealing with tears and sick tummies when its school time and after school and complaints about them not being happy. After 5 years now of being optomistic whilst talking to them about school etc Im comming to the conclusion that the depersonalised non child centered large school just is not right for them and that thew would be happier and perform better in a smaller school. Both kids are generally very chirpy well behaved and happy( except the school isssue) and are from a rural backgroung and very into the outdoors and active.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated as I am very aware of moving the children only to find that this unhappiness with school occurs again.


Thanks in advance.   


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