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East Glendalough School

Phone: 0404-69608

East Glendalough Parents info evening

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12/29/2010 12:09 PM - General
The NPCpp and PACCS will be holding an information evening for East Glendalough School parents on Thursday 6th Januaryat 7.30 pm in the Grand Hotel, Wicklow. 

What is the purpose of a Parents´ Association?

What is its role in the life of a school?

Why should a school have one?

Why should you be a member?

How should it function?

 Would you like to be more involved in the life of your child´s school, but are not sure

how? Do you have skills and ideas which you feel could be put to good use? Are you

searching for information regarding special needs, school policies or the education

system in general? All parents/guardians of students in East Glendalough School

are invited to attend this information evening hosted by the National Parents´ Council

post primary and the Parents´ Associations of Community and Comprehensive

Schools where these and other issues will be addressed.

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