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Killaghtee National School

Phone: 074 9737433

killaghtee n s rollnumber 19089A

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Sheila Arthur KILLAGHTEE National School          
10/10/2008 01:12 PM - (share to everyone)
My mother, the late Mrs. Elizabeth L. Mairs, taught at Killaghtee NS for several years ca. 1946 -1950. I have happy memories of attending the school myself with my siblings Ruth, Richard and Joan (late) and of so many of our fellow pupils.

We were in Killaghatee during the severe winter of 1948 when deep snow lay on the ground for several weeks. Throughout, however, all of the children managed to attend school even the ones who lived miles away. I recall my mother building up the schoolroom fire to thaw out little frozen feet and hands and dry shoes and coats for the journey home.

My siblings and I were lucky enough to be allowed to borrow three of four large sleighs belonging to the adult sons of a family named Roddy who lived nearby. After school we loaded up as many as possible of our fellow pupils - living in that direction - and off we would go, sliding at what seemed like great speed, all the way to Bruckless. Being only eight years old at the time I now recall with some trepidation the responsibility I assumed for the lives of my equally youthful fellows! Thankfully we all survive what was a glorious time!

Yours sincerely,

Sheila Arthur, nee Mairs

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