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Mary Queen Of Ireland National School

Phone: 061 454149

s n muire na heireann rollnumber 19332G

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antoinette coffey Mary Queen of Ireland National School          
05/01/2008 11:14 AM - (share to everyone)
Could anyone please advise me regarding a full class being kept after school for 40 mins without parental consent. parents were left waiting outside and worse some children were left to walk home when the area was deserted Is this ethical or correct

Una 09/02/2008 10:38 AM -
This is totally unacceptable by any teacher at any school - it happens regularly in the boys school and sometimes in the girls. Would advise that you speak with teacher concerned (but where this does no good) speak with principal outlining the responsibilities of the school to ensure the girls are out on time - the yard empties quite quickly and if girls are going home on their own, the area can be very quiet. I would also ask that it be brought up at the parents association and ask that they bring it up at the BOM.

09/02/2008 02:38 PM -
Totally unacceptable to keep any student back without consent.When I experienced this for the first time I immediately walked into the class room and removed my nephew from the class room.Needless to say it didnt happen again.However, this might not be possible at all schools due to locked doors etc. and it is also quite a confrontational method,but it worked for me.

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