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St Vincents Glasnevin

Phone: 01-8304375

The class of 1974

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The class of 1974          
04/12/2017 15:02 - Past-Pupils (share to everyone)
A small gathering of 1974 Leaving Cert year took place last Friday night in the Palace Bar, Dublin. There were six of us there: John Quinn, Tony Lawlor, Dave Fitzpatrick, Noel Giles, Enda Carton and me. We are planning to repeat the exercise in 2018, so any other 1974 Leaving Cert "graduates" that are interested in meeting up contact me. Rory O´Connor

03/06 22:28 -
Good evening Rory, 
It has been a while!! Just came across your post and would be interested in meeting up next time round. 
Hope you’re keeping well 

25/10 22:49 -
Good evening Rory. And all the rest of you as well! It has been a long time indeed. Anyway I don´t know if you have had the get together yet for 2018 and I´m not sure if I will be home before the end of the year if it´s planned for the next few weeks (I live in France these days) but I´ll keep an eye on the site to see what´s happening and if I´m around I´ll be there.
Best wishes to all

18/11 21:52 -
Hi There, If you´re a past pupil of St. Vincent´s Glasnevin (Primary or Secondary), please feel free to join our new past pupils facebook group...

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