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St Vincents Glasnevin

Phone: 01-8304375

past pupils

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An 02/02/2010 14:41 - Past-Pupils


I was wondering if there is any formal reunions or suchlike for past pupils  of the school and if so how to make contact.

A past pupil

Anonymous PAST PUPILS          
04/04/2011 06:01 PM - Past-Pupils (share to everyone)

09/16/2013 02:02 PM -
I was a boarder in Vincent´s from 1960 to 1969. I remember most of the names mentioned by Brendan Askin, Austin Brady, the Nagle Brothers, Joe and Phonsey were in my year as were the Bohan (Tony) brothers and the McNamara brothers (David) and many others. It would be great to hear from anyone who shared those years there with me. I have fond memories of some of the staff and not so fond memories of others, ach fgaimid sid mar at s. 

11/05/2014 06:40 PM -
Hi Dave,
 I was a boarder there from 1944 to 1950, so as you see its been a long time for both of us!
There was a good site on facebook for past pupils with possibility to download pictures etc. It has gone in the last few months.This site seems to be
 very quite or am I  not working it right?

02/03/2016 01:35 AM -
My name is Jim Thomas, class of ´75,just want to say hello to any of my former schoolmates, had some great times, and not so great times,  but  still harbour a fondness nonetheless. My favourite teacher was Cyril Brannigan, inspirational , gave me a great love of history and the English language which still gives me pleasure to this day. If I rightly remember he was also a fan of Bob Dylan. So to Mr Brannigan and Mr Zimmerman I salute you both.

03/22/2016 12:33 PM -
I am hoping to find the list of the pupils in the 1958 leaving cert class.

13/04 18:11 -

HI ALL ex ST vincents BOARDERS in the period 1946 -1952..... a long time ago now! But those days have never faded and hold many happy memories for me. In fact, I have put those memories in writing( and what happened to me after 1952) and published them in my autobiography "DAD,I NEVER KNEW THAT " in 2013 . A small print run, but interest seems fairly live still, so I am very glad to say that for anyone who might be interested ( or cares!!) , it is now available via Kindle and in paperback form from Amazon.Of course I must stress it is how I remembered those days in St Vincents and my memories of the likes of "BARBER" and "FURY" and GOOFY" and other Brothers and lay teachers.

So hello to all and Happy Easter!

30/07 23:15 -
Hi Ronnie
I was in the school between 1960 and 1970, so I missed you.  On reading what you have said above, I just bought your book.  I think Fury and Goofy were probably the best known characters in the school because they were there in my time too.

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