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St Vincents Glasnevin

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Brendan Askin St Vincents C.B.S. Glasnevin          
10/07/2008 09:26 - (share to everyone)
if anyone is looking for information about the old school opposite hearts corner in the 1960s get in touch.I was a border in this school.Or if anyone has information or photos they would be greatly appreciated.I have a 1966 year book.

brian keenan hall 01/11/2009 06:24 PM -
I was wondering if there is any information available on the web containing the rolls of the classes at St.vincent´s Primary which I attended between 1947 and 1953. I can remember some of the names and I know that some of my classmates have passed on. I can also remember some of the teachers names. Bros. Egan, Bolger, O´Shea and Mr Mc Kitterick ( or maybe that was McGettrick) Lay Teacher. Just curious.
Many Thanks
Brian Keenan-Hall

gary mc bride 02/07/2009 05:28 PM -
dear sir i went to school in st vincents from 1972 to1978 i am looking to find some news or photos of my school mates some of i dont remember there names one was paul steacy also i would like to know about some teachers a mr king and mr mccarthy a cork man who i liked very much .i would be very grateful yours gary mc bride 5 park ave gorey co wexford

David Monks 02/21/2009 08:26 PM -
Hello to Brendan Askin, Brian Keenan-Hall and Gary McBride.

My years at St. Vincents (Primary & Secondary) were 1948/9 to 1960/61.

I recall being brought to the school for the first time by an aunt, whose son was already a pupil there. He was about to move into Secondary, so that would have placed him about 4 years ahead of me as I went straight into 2nd class. My visit was the occasion of an interview by Mr. McKittrick - generally known to us irreverent kids as Kitty. I was in the A stream, but cannot remember who was the teacher of the class - possibly a Brother Kelly... Outstanding was Mr. Flood, who was always know, affectionately, by us as Pobbles. What a gentle person, and a wonderful teacher. I remember also Bro. Egan, but not with any affection. He calls to my mind an excessive fondness for corporal punishment with Sean Bunny, as he grimly called his tawse. For the simple reason that there was a barbers shop called Egans next door to the White Spot (effectively the school tuck shop), this Brother was always know as ´Barber´. In about 4th class we had a lay teacher, a young man called Mr Halliday, who tried to mould us into a choir. We actually did manage to sing in 3 part harmony. That must have been no mean achievement... There were also a Brother Moore, McAteer and Stafford, and two Brothers Farrell, if memory doesn´t play me false.

I suppose I have many more memories, but they would need to be awoked - maybe over a pint. :-). Sadly, I have no photos. I think we were probably too poor or too ugly to be photographed. Of course, old decency always hid the lack of cash, so I was discreetly not in may photos. Even so, it would be a joy to see some of those I was in - heaven knows where there went, having moved a number of times since schooldays. Even those where I do not figure would be of interest. I suppose as one gets older one also gets sentimental. But also, it would bring back memories of an Ireland that grows hazier in my mind.

So, if anyone has any photos that they would scan and sent on the net I can let them have my email address - or is there a rule against that here? Needless to say, I would be happy to reimburse any outlay occasioned by this.

As to secondary school, I remember Brother Bourke- who didn´t like him! He taught me Latin. The greatest gift I could have been given, if only I had known it at the time. Of course there were Bucko, Goofey, Fury, Whisht and Goggles as well. Perhaps they have all gone to their rest now. I know that Whisht died in tragic circumstances. Damned if I can remember his proper name. I recall his lessons on ´na bacloga´. It was interesting stuff... Wasted on the young.

As to classmates, John Kelleher, Ed Brady (RIP), Noel Duffy - lost contact with him about 1990. There was also a Pat Kenny (Not HIM! Another one.), Terry McCarthy, Tom Gallagher, Ken Newman, John Kelly, Reggie Kelly, David Ryan, Tom Sherlock (Jason´s uncle, I believe), Tom Kirwan/Kerwin, Jim Carr (RIP), Matt Martin (RIP), Shay McLoughlin (RIP). This is where it gets depressing. Even so, the thought often struck me that there should be some way of honouring them and marking their passing.

To finish, I had thought at one point of contacting the school, but it I imagine that Tim HUrley would have more than enough on his plate without dealing with former pupils that were long left before he arrived.

Not too prolix, I hope. But it´s a bitter-sweet sensation sharing those few memories.

Paddy Heneghan 03/14/2009 03:22 AM -

I read with great interest the contribution of David Monks (21/02/2009). Unfortunately our path did not cross, because I left St. Vincents in June 1944. The names Bucko, Goofey and Fury rang a few bells. These are my recollection:

Bucko was Mr Liam Buckley and he taught our class English and Maths. He never used corporal punishment. He had a presence and we treated him very warily. No messing went on in his class. The rumour was current that he was a good boxer, amateur I expect, which served to add to the respect which we has of him. He was a very handsome man. He got married during my period of attendance at the school and lived, I believe, close to the school, on the Finglas Road, near Glasnevin Cemeterys main gate.

Goofy was a Mr. OLeary who came, I think, from around Cappagh, north of the school. I think his first name was Pdraig. He taught us Irish for a period. He was a very raw, young teacher when I arrived at St. Vincents, and he seemed always to be a bit behind the eight ball in keeping discipline in class. I expect as time went on he got more firmly on top of that end of the job. He was a very decent man!

There were three OLeary brothers associated with the school. Apart from Pdraig, my recollection is that Fury and Flash were the nicknames we had on the other two. Or maybe Fury and Flash were just the one person - the memories are a little dim. The red-haired one was in the same class as myself for most of my years in the school. The remaining brother must have come in later. From what Ive read now, I think the red-haired one must have gone on to become a teacher like Pdraig. Of course the name Fury may have been assigned to another teacher altogether, who came after my time.

I cant say that I enjoyed secondary school. However I have to say that I carried away few unpleasant memories. The Christian Brothers, certainly those who were teaching, were kindly men. Gaelic football and hurling were the principal games, but in my time we never seemed to win matches and the display case was not overburdened with silver. Most of the lads, anyway, played soccer, but kept their heads well beneath the parapet about that, since soccer and the other games did not mix. St. Vincent´s produced some great soccer players. I read recently the text of an interview with Kenny Cunningham (a recent international cap) and he mentioned a number of famous names of footballers who attended St. Vincents, but he did not get back as far as my time, when we had the likes of Con Martin and Dessy Glynn. We also produced a number of TDs Frank Cluskey, Dr. John OConnell and Jim Tunney (The Yellow Rose of Finglas) from that era. The two last-mentioned were classmates of mine, and both became ministers in their time. Another interesting feature was that, of my class of about 20 in 1944, six went on for the church 2 seculars, 2 Franciscans, 1 Holy Ghost and 1 Vincentian. There was one other boy who left early to become a Christian Brother.

I believe that if I could get time to look around my attic I could find some old photos from that era, but Ill wait until I hear whether what Ive written is of interest to any of our past pupils. Paddy Heneghan.

Michael Joyce 04/18/2009 11:50 PM -
I went to st Vincents from 1981 to 87 later than those of you that have posted here the only teachers named that I remember are Mr o leary alais Fury who retired while I was there he taught geography he did live near cappagh dunsink I have fond memories of him. I also had goofy who taught physics If it´s the same one. It´s interesting to note eventhough I was a pupil there long after the rest of you the souveners are similar never won a lot in football and no bad or good memories about those school days just time passed I never kept in contact with anyone either.I know school books existed with class photes from both the primary & secondary but while I was there no class photes were taken.

Michael Joyce



David Monks 04/19/2009 07:21 PM -
HI Michael Joyce. We are neighbours - in a manner of speaking. I live near Carcassonne - you are about 4 hours away on the autoroute.
Two from St. Vincents in France! Who wudda thunk it?! :-)

Sharon Brennan 05/09/2009 02:45 PM -
Dear Sirs

I am working on my husband´s family tree and have discovered that his Grandmother was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery across the road from the School. Shortly after she died her two youngest boys (Joseph and Christie) and possibly my husband´s father - Paddy, who was older, where sent to the Christian Brothers School. I am assuming it was your School and wondered if anyone could tell me if the School existed in the 1930´s and would the boys have boarded there and what was the minimum age? Grateful for any help at all.

Best wishes

Sharon Brennan

Des Kiely 05/23/2009 02:00 PM -
To Brendan Akin: Not sure if you remember me in your class until the Leaving in 1970. My main memory of you is how you were mad about Ginger Baker and Cream! I played in a school band along with Hughie Friel. I also remember Brian Haslett - anotehr boarder in the class. Teachers: Sean Farren (now SDLP), Bucko ("sure you´re only C class"), Noodles ("sssssssssss", Furey, Redser, Br Nolan ("come up to the brother´), Egan, Nobby......

Kieran Darling 05/27/2009 12:12 AM -
I went to Vincents from ´65 to ´69. Played both football & hurling for school. I remember most of the nicknames given by Des Kiely. Would be interested to know if anyone has info on some classmates i.e Tony Caulfield, Paul Kane, Tony Meehan, Giles Kennedy, John Flanagan, Michael Germaine.

Many thanks.

Kieran Darling, Sligo.

Francis Maher 05/27/2009 07:03 PM -
It must have been ´63 to 70 that I went to the primary. All the stuff about the children being abused has caused me to remember my time in St Vincents. I remember it as a tough school (especially for the boarders), Br Cahil ( Hey Bucko......) and the rest, but I dont recall anything sexual going on. We had Mr Barry, mr Twoomy, Br Halpin, Br Duffy, Br O´Hagen and the regal mr Gogerty with his tots. Memories anybody? A big hello to Tony Cassidy and Cathal McFarland if you guys are around

Rob Shouldice 06/05/2009 02:39 PM -
Interned in primary from ´68 to ´75 and then on to secondary for two years. The names above have awoken some dusty parts of the brain, Br Cahill (Calor), Mr McKittrick in 1st class (a fair man) and finished up in 6th class with the Mr McCarthy from Co.Cork. There were some hopeless younger teachers along the way who were dealt unmerciful treatment by lads who could spot a weakness. Played lots of soccer with blokes who were genuinely good at the game, like Joey Boylan and Ollie D´arcy. Where are they now? When the fields were too muddy we played in the handball courts only to present ripped trousers back home.

Secondary was harder. Teachers such as Nobby (Physics), Redser Ryan (Geography) from Co.Kerry and Furey, Br Beere, Muldoon, (I ran into his relatives of down in Kinvara last year; it was not a happy exchange) and Mulvihil. But my nemesis was *****- He dished out the corporal punishment and I seemed to be on the receiving end of a fair bit of it.

Thanks to the older wiser teachers who rarely if at all reverted to the leather (brothers and lay alike) and stuck to the thankless task of teaching a tough rebellious lot of young ´buckos´. Their words and efforts somehow got through to me. Hello to blokes like Bourkey, Rory McGabhann, Willie McKay, Colm Markie and all the other nuts ...

There are memories St Vincents, good and bad. When I took my 12 year old boy for a walk through the primary school a couple of years back we both remarked on how it seemed more like a prison than a school; grey and cold. Did me no harm in the end.

Rob Shouldice

Sydney, Aust

Michael Joyce 06/11/2009 11:18 PM -
To David monks
Yes neighbors of sorts Educated for the rest of the world in sorts.It was nobby who taught me physics. some of you have spoke about corprial punishment while I was in 2nd or 3rd year it was abolished relife but some teachers seem to have understood this as meaning no leather but fists ok.


Syl Tucker 06/24/2009 03:57 PM -
I may be wrong but it seems to me that David Monks (hello to you) was not a Boarder at St. Vincents. Perhaps I am wrong.

I was a Boarder. I joined 6th Class Primary in 1948. For some reason, I was skipped with the Scholarship Class directly into 2nd Class in secondary. I sat my leaving certificate in1953.

Would love to exchange reminiscences same period pupils, even day pupils.

I currently live in Limerick

Anne Keartland 07/09/2009 10:42 AM -
Ref Paddy Heneghan response - my father was a border at St vincents during the same period - He was Brian Keartland and I understand he was there from 1931 to 1942 and played dublin Minor Football in 1941. By any chance did you know him and can you share any information with me. He died when I was 16 so very little known to me about his childhood. Would really appreacite any information or direction to old photographs as trying to compile a family history. Many thanks in anticipation.

Kind regards

Anne Keartland

Brendan askin 07/25/2009 02:32 PM -
Hi Des I remember you well.Julians heirs ring a bell.Brother Nolan.My beautiful artist boy.Do you remember he used to take your paintings and copy them!What about fritz!!!He never liked us drawing hes square head on the blackboard.How is Michael and you had another brother.Ye were all very talented.Get in touch so much to share

Anne Keartland 07/28/2009 05:16 PM -
Re Sharon Brennan posting. I can tell you that the Boarding School was in operation in the 1930´s because my father - Brian Keartland - at the age of 6 was sent there in 1931 after his father died and remained there as a border until 1941/42. Hope this helps.

Anne Keartland

John O´Donovan 09/14/2009 07:15 AM -
I left Vincent´s in 1996. Have to say i was fairly shocked to read the 2006 stats on this page- 2006 had 0/35 students progressing to the top universities. Last year looked much better with 8/36. Were there substantial staffing changes made over this period?

David Monks 09/14/2009 01:49 PM -
@ Syl Tucker,

On the ball, Syl. I was a day boy, although I used to travel from Inchicore. That was 4 buses a day. I used the time well because I mastered the art of doing essays on the trip. And ran over Latin unseens and poetry to be memorised. Even travel has its uses.

Some of the boarders of my day: Jim Carr, Brian Martin, Sean Connolly. They always seemed to have a harder time than us day boys. I belive jim died quite some years ago (RIP). I have no idea about any of the others.


joe kavanagh 10/01/2009 03:17 AM -
Went to St vincents primary and secondary,Left in about 1977 just going into 5th year,just about remember Mr Mc Kittrick,Remember MrBarry nice guy was alterboy at his wedding with martin gormley(where R U now).everything went downhill after the entrance exam into 1st year can only remember more bad times than good even though there was some good teachers, Supposo I just did not want to conform

Barry Murphy 10/12/2009 11:13 PM -
Hi, went to St Vincents from 1969 ( 1st Class ) and left in 1981 ( leaving cert ). Overall, great memories and had some great crack during those days. Fond memories of Mr King, Br Duffy, Mr Gogarty, Br Cahill ( primary ) and Fury, McElvaney, Mr Cook, Mr Hayes, Goofy to name but a few. Have School Annuals from 1977 to 1981 which help the memory from time to time. Got a good education and there was a great sport ethos. One of the first schools on the "De North Side" to have a swimming pool and to build an excellent gym and sports hall. Lots of space for GAA and running around along with the almost daily claims which were part and parcel of a boys school. In the early years, I remember the boarders who were the nicest guys you could meet and still remember the holes in their jumpers but only remember them up to about 4th class.

Brian Reynolds 10/22/2009 09:43 PM -
Hello, I was at St Vincent´S CBS from 1952-1956. My memories are very good. Family moved from Athenry, so was a year at another school in Galway. My brother Louis who died last year (2008) was 2 years behind me, he started in Primary under Br Egan, he who later in Mullingar had a splendid Rose Garden. The teaching was very good and I especially remember Frank O´Leary ("Fury") and Donal his bro. ("Goofy"). Frank was strong on History. Donal asked me to say (I am O.P.priest) his retirement Mass in Finglas,I was P.P. in Dominick St at the time. They both died in recent years, as did the excellent Latin teacher (he of sarcastic wit) Declan Horgan. Outstanding teachers above all others was Bro Purcell (Hons.English) and Bro O´Connor (Maths-alas not Hons. for me!) Pupils of my time included (in my year) Dessie Hearns (later Judge -Advocate or some such in the Army); Vincent Doyle (Editor both of Ev.Heralld & Irish Ind.); Donal Hickey (GAA & Na Fianna); Noel Doyle (Vice-Princ. St Mary´s, Rathmines); Nollaig O Ruairc ,C.Ss.P. Sec of Bishops´ Conference, East Africa who was killed with 3 others in a rainstorm on way to Nairobi many years ago; David Rea; Frank & John O´Mahony (SMA priest, died recently & v,good tennis player-Glasnevin LTC behind his house was, I think, founded by his father on Ballymun Rd opposite Albert College). A few years before me was Brian Grogan,SJ, prominent in Milltown Park College etc.Viinnie Quinn, who lived opposite school, who was heir (I think) to a chain of pork butchers shops. He was often late though he only had to cross the road! Most of the lads I never met again. Up to inter everything was done if I rem. through Irish. By the way, before I finish , Dr Patrick Cosgrave, historian Mrs Thatcer´s advisor and Brian Trevaskis were there in my brother´s time. Brian Reynolds

Jim Upton 10/30/2009 02:10 PM -
I was at St Vincents from 68 - 73,some names of staff I rember are Eager- brilliant teacher, Furey, nobby for science,hession for german, he was difficult.Forget most classmates names,anyone remember Colm Rowan,John Healy?

11/27/2009 11:50 AM -

01/05/2010 04:29 PM -

Hi There I went to the primary school between 74 and 79 and the secondary from then until 1984.  This year my year are 25 years out of the secondary - we met back up again.  Great event.  Sad to find out 4 of our class have now passed away.  Our former teachers Jack Martin & Mick Moloney were invited to attend.  A "stvincentscbsclassof84" page exists of Facebook - if you are a internet user.

Teachers I remember from my time in primary Mr McKiterick (who also taught my father) Mr Leamy Mr O´Brien (Big temper) Mr King Mr Conroy and Mt Purcell.  In secondary I recall Brendan Reidy (RIP) for french Ache O´Reilly for Geography Sam Hayes Nobby and Taigh Galvin (who looked very similar to the current Kerry GAA player Paul Galvin) for Science subjects the great Bob Eagar for English Jammie Ryan for History (great teacher) Brother Nee (RIP) for Irish  and then Mcgellogott (big temper) for Civics Redser for Latin and Arthur Quinn for PE.

My father also went to Vincents.  He is also David Malone and he would have been in primary school around 1947 or 1948 and went to the seconday school as well.  He is 70 this year - 2010.  Vincents had a good athletics team back then in and around  1953-54 and he was on the team that won the Dublin Schools cup twice in Croke park around that time. I have some old photos of that if they are of interest to anyone.  The likes of Gerry Bolger Liam Lynch and Ciaran Mooney would have gone to Vincents around my Dads time.


01/19/2010 01:13 AM -
hI I am looking for an email address for David Monks who went to St Vincents in The 1940´s with Matt Martin(rip) and Ken Newman any help would begreatly appreciated

04/21/2010 01:07 AM -
Hello Everybody:  I would like to hear from anyone who attended St. Vincents around 1948 and onwards.  My two cousins, Peter and Freddie Boyne were pupils there, possibly boarders in 1948 they would have been about 8 and 10 years old or slighly older..  They would have been well known as they stayed on into their teenage years.  They might also be remembered for the tragic circumstances under which their mother Kathleen Boyne died.  She was murdered in what became known as the Howth Murder in 1948.  The boy´s daddy had already died of TB so they were orphans.  Anybody with info, please please respond.  Do you remember the boys?  Any photos?  I know Freddie later played on the hurling team. Thank you

04/25/2010 09:05 PM -

Just came across this website today - 25/4/10. I attended St. Vincent´s Secondary Glasnevin from 1955 (the centenary year) to 1960. I remember Bros. Nolan, Burke, Connaughton, O´Farrell, Farrell, Carroll , O´Shea , Quinlan, Carew, Beer, and the head Br. Bruic. There was another Head later, but I can´t remember his name. Also lay teachers: O´Leary (2), Joyce, Buckley, Riordan, Horgan and Hayes. The main building (gone now) was very old and delapidated. Some classes were held in the Assembly Hall, and some in prefab buildings. Overall I enjoyed the schooldays, in the "B" class, where subjects were taught in English, and where for some strange reason we  didn´t do Science (that was for the "A" class) , but instead we learned Object and Mechanical drawing!


07/08/2010 09:22 PM -

St. Vincents C.B.S Reply


Have just come across St.Vincents past pupils letters. I was a boarder from 1951-1957 from which I have many memories some happy. I recognize so many names both pupils, brothers and lay teachers.  Some have no photographs but I have the 956 centenary record which contains photographs of all pupils and teachers at that time.  Remember the drill display with the great Artane Boys Band. Someone mentioned Reggie Kelly who is my cousin- there were actually 3 Kelly brothers in the school.  No one mentioned Nurse ORourke, Albert the carpenter, the tailoress (cant remember her name) and of course Billy Coffy the night watchman with his little knobbly stick. The Brother whose nickname was WHISTH was actually Brother OShea. There is so much more


Signed: Noel Walsh (student of 1951-1957, aka Redser!!!!)

08/21/2010 04:48 PM -

Hi Rob Shouldice and Barry Murphy, two names I remember from my time in St. Vincents. I´ve just discovered this site and seeing all the names mentioned has brought back memories. Classmates such as Joey Boylan and Ollie D´arcy. I think Rob and I had a bit of fisticuffs behind the swimming pool on one accasion. If I´m not mistaken Barry was a very fine swimmer. I played football,swam competed in lifesaving and played water polo for the school over the years and on one or two occasions I did a little school work aswell. I´m fairly sure Ollie went via the Dublin Fire Brigade into The Gardai. I see some people have copies of the old year books that would certainly be nice to have now. I recall my year never even had a Debs Ball.

Fergus byrne class of ´80 

10/04/2010 04:47 PM -
Brian Reynolds? Maybe not the same person, but did you sit in front of (or behind?) me in classroom above the school hall? I sat beside Patrick Rutherford and I think you sat beside a boy named Doyle who had come from a primary school in Phibsborough. I´d be pleased to hear from you.
Vincent Hanley

10/21/2010 10:46 AM -

Hi everyone, I was  in St. Vincents in the 1960s and remember a lot of the names mentioned in the above posts.I   remember Brendan Askin very well. Brenno, as you were called back then. You were a few yrs. ahead of me. My nickname was  Magser. You will remember Austin (occo)Brady, Joe and Martin Nagle,David Conway and his brother Willie to mention just a few.You were quite the artist and a great soccer player, but no one mentioned your interest in playing your made up drums. They were made from all and sundry including tea chests and the old steel chairs with wire hangers on them for cymbals. Manys the time I sang Quick Joey Small during one of your impromto sessions. What about after tea when the dreaded Bro. Cahill would dole out the leftovers from the brothers tea. 5th. yr. boys take one item and run were his words. Ha ha, looking back there were some fun  good times, but most of my memories are bad.I met Jimmy Rathbone, and Joe O Reilly not so long ago (dont know if you remember them) and Kenneth Nagle spent a weekend here in my house. He is Joe Nagles brother and they are from Limerick. They have another brother called Fonzy. I will send you an e-mail and maybe we can have a chat. Too many memories to put them all down here, but if anyone remembers me or wants to contact me, then feel more than welcome.  Wishing you all the best.

  Kevin Maguire.

11/09/2010 12:18 PM -

look forward to hearing from you

Tommy Mooney

11/23/2010 05:28 PM -
Hi there,
My name is Brendan O´Reilly and I attended St. Vincents Secondary School between 1965 and 1970. Among the teachers I remember were "Fury" (Frank O´Leary), "Goofy" (Donal O´Leary), Bob Eager, "Redser" Ryan, Nobby Lynch, Jack Martin, Mick Moloney (Obedience is a virtue to be cherished),
Br. Fahy, Br. Conliffe.  Br. Bourke was the Principal while I was there.
I did my Leaving Cert in 1970. I actually quite enjoyed my time in Vincents and I don´t think it left too many scars.

01/02/2011 02:20 PM -
Hello there,
My father Patrick Francis Byrne was at school there. I think he arrived in 1951 aged 11. His brothers were Stephen (older) , Frank and James (younger). At one stage I think Frank and Patrick were in the same class. My father said he was playing basketball for them, if that´s to be believed :)

They were boarders there after mother died in Mayo in ´51. If anyone remembers anything about him or has any photos of that year, I would really appreciate it.

01/11/2011 06:10 PM -
Hello ! My name is John Mac Mahon . I attended St Vincents from 1950-1960 It seems long, long ago. But I have fond memories too along with some that would be better forgotten. The centenary celebration could be marked as a highlight. We all drilled so hard and put on a grand display in Jones Road( Croke Park) The brutal treatment that Bro. Cahill could meet out to anyone that stepped out of line. For many years I kept in contact with "Barber" Bro. Egan. who sadly died in harness so to speak at the blackboard in Mullingar.I remember the names of nearly all those that taught me at school. I´d love to hear from anyone that remembers me.


01/11/2011 06:10 PM -
Hello ! My name is John Mac Mahon . I attended St Vincents from 1950-1960 It seems long, long ago. But I have fond memories too along with some that would be better forgotten. The centenary celebration could be marked as a highlight. We all drilled so hard and put on a grand display in Jones Road( Croke Park) The brutal treatment that Bro. Cahill could meet out to anyone that stepped out of line. For many years I kept in contact with "Barber" Bro. Egan. who sadly died in harness so to speak at the blackboard in Mullingar.I remember the names of nearly all those that taught me at school. I´d love to hear from anyone that remembers me.


01/15/2011 04:52 PM -

Hi Syl Tucker,

H, my name is Ronald Kelly, brother of Brendan and Reggie.  I went to St. Vincents as a boarder between 1946 and 1952. I was  also in the Scholarship class in 1947 under Brother Ryle. Does anyone remember me or my brothers or Harry O´Brien?   I would love to hear from anyone who went to St. Vincents at that time. 


01/16/2011 05:05 PM -
Of course I remember you,and your brothers Brendan and Reggie. I also remember Harry O´brien as well.
Gosh years have passed and I´ve not had or heard any news about those day at Vincents.I noticed Sylvester Tuckers name and I remember him too as well as Brian Reynolds and of course Noel Walsh- I would also like to hear from anyone that went to Vincents . A few ywars back I met a fellow who was in Vincent and left around 1947 his name was Noel O´Shea .We were both together on a Catenian weekend in Louvain.

03/14/2011 07:55 AM -

I was a boarder at St Vincents from around 1962to 1972. I recognise some of the pupils and teachers names from all those years ago. Looking back, I realise that I have had no contact with either the school or the vast majority of my school friends from the time I left in 1972. The most abiding memory, remains the brutality and cruelty of the feared Bro Cahill, who came from somewhere in Cork.   However, teachers such as Mr Bob Eager and others  made the time spent there more pallatable.   I now live in  Sydney (for the past 25 yrs) and hope to hear from some of the people from that period of  time in my life.

Tommy Mooney

04/01/2011 03:58 PM -

I would like to hear (087 2405415) from anybody who was a Boarder in St. Vincents and who made a claim to the Residential Institution Redress Board

08/29/2011 12:53 AM -

It´s quite a while since I´ve visited this site, and I am please to see it has rather come alive.  Lots of bitter/sweet memories reading through the postings.


Eamonn Moore - have sent you a PM with my email address.  I think we had a contact quite some time ago when you told me about Matt Martin´s death. RIP.  Problem is, I have no idea when you asked for the addy. 


I learnt that Ed Brady (Eamon Brdaigh) RIP passed away about 2001 too.  Shay McLoughlin too. 


While I was still living in Dublin I used to meet Noel Duffy lunch times occasionally.  We were working in the same area. But that petered out.  Jobs got more demanding and luch breaks became too short. 


I´ve been running through my mind the names of classmates:


John Kelleher,     Jim Carr,    Brian Martin,   Bob Martin,   Reggie Kelly,    Tommy Gallagher,    Ken Newman,

Tommy Kiernan,   Ned Sherlock,     Donnacha Moore,     Pat Kenny,     Terry McCarthy.  Brendan Devlin, The two Devlin brothers from Cabra - Martin and Sean (John),   John Paul Lennon


Someone mentioned ´Whisht´ - a strange man.  It didn´t do to get on the wrong side of him.  Fortunately I seemed to be able to do no wrong in his eyes.  But I think the boarders had a hard time of it with him.


I also recall Bro Egan - Barber.  He got his name from Egans, the hairdressers near the White Spot.


If anyone has photos of that year (61) I´d appreciate a scanned copy.  My email is available on PM


Meandering thoughts, but not a bad way to end the weekend.


David Monks

08/30/2011 11:54 PM -
Remember me ? Joe Lynam. How about Peter Costelloe and Peter Carr ?

10/16/2011 10:25 PM -

HI Joe, and All.


I have a few more name to add to the list.


Pat Kenny (No.  Not him!  LOL). Tom Gallagher  who lived in Leinster street, I think, near Ken Newman, Matt Donoghue (originally from Derry),  Tommy Kiernan, Joe Lynam, of course!  Andy Conlon, Sean Kelly, and Brendan Devlin.  He introduced me to the Dublin Gliding Club, back in the early 1970s


Had a minor moment of nostalgia when I was in Dublin back in September of this year (2011 - this thread doesn´t give the year, which is confusing to say the least).  I have been doing research on the family.  The past generations are all buried in Glasnevin, so I parked the car out side, just a little away from the ´new´ secondary school.  It´s sad that the old buiding is gone.  Anyone remember the topper and the lower?


I hope to get back to Dublin in February next, or thereabouts.  Anyone of my year care to meet up?


David Monks


I am particularly sorry to hear about Declan Horgan.  For all the edge on his personality he was absolutely brilliant as a Latin teacher.  He was fond of handing out lines.  I remember having to do ´Pueri turpes in hoc ludo sunt´ x 100

11/14/2011 11:17 PM -
Hi there,
I was just looking for someone called O´Hara who might have been in my Dads class who would have been there in the mid 50s. He is 71 now. Any ideas?

12/07/2011 12:27 AM -
It seems to have gone very quiet here.  Season´s Greetings to all, s´go mbeirimid beo ar an am seo ars.

01/23/2012 05:20 AM -

Please see attached photo of school classmates and I Year 1959 I live now in Australia since 1970. 
I would like to make contact with them and say G´day. 
Kind regards, Anthony Martin  

05/15/2012 12:36 AM -
Hi, I attended St.Vincrents from 1963 to 1973 and wondering how many of us left in the country and still alive.I have good memories of school and the effort put in by most of our teachers in trying to get us to learn.I notice that Jimmy Upton has contacted this site,he was in my year from 1968-to 1973.Hi Jimmy.

05/28/2012 03:51 AM -

Hello from sunny Knoxville, USA. I attended St. Vincent´s primary from 1963 to 1968.

I seem to recall Jimmy and Kenneth Nagle--and Brendan Keenan.

Any others names out there who may remember me? Woudl love to attend a reunion...


Glenn Meade

07/14/2012 06:55 AM -

I was in Vincents primary and secondary from about 1965 to 1976.

I also went to St Michaels preschool when it was mixed but they turned it into a girls school after I left.

Can´t imagine why. Anyway nobody on their site is old enough to remember so all they remember is there weren´t any boys there. I was there with Seamus Kavanagh and Michael Murphy.

Anyone know of one of the boarders, Cassidy ? He was a good swimmer.

08/24/2012 09:47 AM -
Kevin Maguire, I remember Joe O Reilly and Jimmy Rathbone,Kenneth Nagle and Occo, ( learned how to tackle on cement from him. I was envious of the massive snooker table in the small room where the senior borders went to play and smoke. We had great soccer games in the yard near the handball alley. Gary Wickham and Gary Grey were junior and we had to suffer Br Cahill in the lager room which had small billard tables. Was Ecco the name of the brother who used to monitor us while we did our homework ? and he was always drooling . His fingers were massive. and hurt like hell when he landed them on you. Reply if you wish
Paul O´Doherty Border in Primary and day boy in Secondary ?Class of 1975


02/07/2013 08:24 PM -
I just found this site and was wondering why it was not being used more, it has a lot to offer with regards to finding out about who, what, why and where are they now? My name is Denis Kearney I am living in Canada and have been for 27 years.
I was on both sides of the sheds from 59/60 to 68/69.Anyway if you are browsing and you find this please get back to me.  Austin Brady and I were right and left fullbacks on many teams, Ronan Collins sat beside me through some of Secondary School. Too many names that come to mind because they have not been spoken off already, are  remembered fondly, but do not want to forget someone. So I would like to hear from anyone that was there when I was there, to fill in the gaps, as I have lots of those now that old-timers in setting in. Stay safe and well Denis Kearney

03/26/2013 01:11 AM -
Hi, I was a border at Vincents btw 64 - 70, and would like to get in contact with other borders of that period.
Some names I remember are, Noel McAuly, Gary Wickham, Patrick Gray and his younger brother Gary Gray, the Nagle Bros, William Conway,
John Stokes border 64 - 70

06/11/2013 07:53 AM -


I was at Vincents primary from 1957-1961.  I do remember some of the teachers and boys others have mentioned.

[rest of post removed by moderator ]

12/14/2013 09:04 PM -
glenn meade pat mc kay here played football with you I was the goalkeper

12/19/2013 07:20 PM -

any one know the whereabouts of my old friend Joe Lynam, I would love to get in touch

01/29/2014 09:32 PM -
Hi All - Attended Vincent´s Primary and Secondary from 1962 to 1973. In Primary I was taught by Gogarty, McCarthy and Flood (Pobbles), among others. In Secondary I remember Denis O´Sullivan/Doss (Maths & Latin), Donal O´Leary/Goofy (Irish), Frank O´Leary/Fury (History & Geography), ´Nobby´ Lynch (Science), Br. Beere (Latin), Hessian (German), Jack Martin (History), Maurice O´Driscoll/Mossy (History), ´Ache´ O´Reilly (English). Vincent´s was a great school and most of its teachers were first class, dedicated professionals. Most of my memories are good and I will always be grateful for the quality of the education I received there. Still living and working in Dublin. Best wishes to anyone who remembers me.

03/19/2014 12:37 AM -
I was a boarder there from 1957 to inter cert  1965 with my brothers Peter and Anthony just posting to see what comes back  
we were in the hurling teams
anyone remember Paddy the Horse and the farmer
don´t remember many day boys but remember boarders and teachers

07/20/2014 12:17 PM -
My name is Rod Hammond attended St Vincents 1961-1965,had two brothers Greg and Con.The names i remember are Jim and Austin Brady, the Naglys,the Bowmans and O Reilly´s, the Crawleys.I played hurling and did athletics and represented the school at croke park in 63.I have been living in Australia since 1970 and would love to hear from anybody and see any photos if possible.

08/22/2014 02:58 PM -
The new secondary school is 50yrs open this week.
I was a pupil on that day ( Sept 1964 ) going into 5th year having done inter cert at Hart´s corner.
I was going to call to school some day next week.
Anyone else who was there on that day interested, I could meet up somewhere in the area.
Pat Carlyle      0876471307

09/05/2014 04:30 PM -
I  was a boarder and was in 4th year when the new school opened 
my big brother Christy McDonald worked on the build

18/11 17:02 -
Hi Joe Kavanagh, 
Martin Gormally here, just seeing your post now, nearly 10years later, hope your keeping well.
PM me if you see this message.

18/11 21:55 -

Past Pupils of St. Vincent´s in Glasnevin are welcome to join our new FB group for former students. Thanks! 

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