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St Vincents Glasnevin

Phone: 01-8304375

the god old days

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the god old days          
04/08 15:26 - Past-Pupils (share to everyone)
just like to regale some newer past pupils with my fond memories of this school. i was a pupil there in the early seventies. i was from finglas so it was off to a bad start . my two older brothers had attended and did very well in their leaving certs. however i was not enamoured with the prospect of an academic career and just set about going through the motions. on weds afternoons we were dispatched to the sports grounds and those of us who had no interest in sport or football were allowed slip off a bit early. after some time i didnt bother going at all as i thought nobody cared.  big mistake!.  on arrival the next morning i was told to go to the head brothers office. i nervously approached thinking the worst. one of my parents was dead or some other bad news.  a towering brother whom id be happy to name but in the interest of dignity wont asked me why i went home yesterday without participating in sports. i quietly replied that i didnt like football. its important to understand at this juncture that i had never been in trouble before and was a somewhat timid pupil. without further ado he hit me so hard across the face that i fell to the floor. he roared at me to get out and stand in the corridor for an hour.  this i did but was seething with anger.  some time passed and upon finding a biro in my pocket i wrote in large letters on the wall what i thought of him . some more time passed and having time to deliberate on the matter i deemed that this retaliation was not sufficient to remedy the injustice of it all. so i lowered my trousers and duly emptied my bowels outside his office.  i was then struck with a great fear that i may be expelled or that the police would be called.  alas nothing further happened but suffice it to say that he never hit me again  i left after the inter despite protestations from the parenthood.  oh such fond memories.   my name is joe fogarty and this account will be confirmed by anyone there at the time.  by the way pat carey was a great guy and i hope he gets justice.    im 59 now and my life turned out to be fine and dandy despite the predictions of one teacher there that i was going tto pursue a career in roadsweeping- his words. my two boys went to st michaels in  ballsbridge and both loved it there

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