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The Donahies Community School

Phone: 01-8473522

the donahies community school rollnumber 91318U

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** the-donahies-community-school-rollnumber-91318U
Declan Hannon The Donahies Community School          
01/26/2009 09:39 PM - (share to everyone)
I sat my leaving cert in this school in 1988 and i was wondering if it is possible
to get a copy of my exam results.I need a copy for a job position and would be very grateful if someone could help me with this matter. thank you.

01/27/2009 09:02 PM -
Declan you can´t contact the school directlyby posting on our discussion boards (see note above your post). The email address for the school is displayed higher on the page if you need it. However you can get a copy of your leaving certificate directly from

10/14/2012 05:51 PM -
i´m hoping you can help me, I finished up in the Donahies in 1988/89 and was 
wondering if you had any of the year books that you used to do for the classes?
I know I was in one of the pictures in the yearbook but can´t remember the year.

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